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  1. University ContestNight week 3 (Sep 13 - 15)

    Alright boys, so it's time to look back at Week 3...

    What, you say Week 4 has already begun? That can't be right, unless... yep, Kent State and Buffalo sold out their tradition for the almighty ESPNU dollar and played on Wednesday. Shame on you guys. I remember a time when values meant more than...

    Hold on, there was a Thursday game too? And it's a commonly accepted scheduling date? OK. You win this time. Bad job outta me. (ed. note - There went Friday)
  2. UT from my

    As part of everyone's physical, we had to get a Swine Flu shot. To make a long story short, 15 of us ended up on the same hospital ward with Swine Flu. The sickest I have ever been in my life. We missed the first 2 days of practice in shorts and helmets.

    Day 3 we all got to practice in shorts and helmets. But day 4 was the first day of practice in full pads, I was ready! Or so I thought. We started off with the Tennessee drill. The first OL went down with a knee injury. I can still ...
  3. UT from my

    I was invited to the Nashville Banner All-State Banquet. Bear Bryant, SEC COTY was there and Rocky Felkner,MSU SEC Player of the year. It was at this banquet that I announced my intentions to attend UT. Finally NSD came and I couldn't wait. First thing that morning I had to take the ACT, and then had to be at my dad's business by 12 to sign with UT.

    It was a giant relief to finally get all of it over and become a VOL. The rest of the year and summer took forever to pass, but it did. ...
  4. Jon Gruden's Butt Cut (Formerly Dooley's Perfect Part)

    Saturday night was a painful realization for many and a confirmation for some that Derek Dooley is not the man to lead Tennessee.

    Coach, you had College Gameday on campus for the first time in eight years. You had Tennessee ranked for the first time in four years. You had people expecting a victory against an SEC opponent. You actually had expectations.

    You failed miserably to live up to those expectations. It is the same song and dance as the previous two years. The ...
  5. The Financials - Florida Edition

    This is one I was really hoping not to write, but, it must be written nonetheless. And we're going to flip the order it's presented for this one week.

    Income Statement

    1. Alabama
    2. LSU
    3. Georgia
    4. South Carolina
    5. Florida
    6. Mississippi State
    7. Texas A&M
    8. Tennessee
    9. Missouri
    10. Ole Miss
    11. Arkansas
    12. Auburn
    13. Vandy
    14. Kentucky

    The shocker of ...
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