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  1. Post Great Off The Maintream Radar Music Performances Here

    Jason Isbell, former member of Drive By Truckers, I think all Tennesseans can appreciate this one
  2. Bob Stoops says SEC dominance is "propaganda"

    [QUOTE=droski;286550][QUOTE=IP;286520]He isn't totally wrong. It depends on how one is defining/measuring dominance. If you measure it by titles, he is dead wrong. If he is measuring it by some other metric, it gets fuzzier (such as bowl records, or head to head)[/QUOTE]

    After the last NFL Draft, it's obvious that Stoops is just saying what he can to sell OU against SEC schools. The rest of the country's conferences are a joke compared to the SEC.
  3. Explosions at Boston Marathon

    Quote Originally Posted by droski View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by CardinalVol View Post
    I have no idea if that is normal protocol or not. If it isn't, however.......n
    My brother in law went to the USC/ND game and told me they had the bomb squad there with dogs. can't be too careful obviously.
    Perhaps they had a threat, and was not sop.
  4. The Goalpost Tavern Postgame Report.

    Quote Originally Posted by hatvol96 View Post
    1. That was a season ending disaster averted. That's the positive.
    2. The defensive effort in the first 30 minutes was a disgrace. That's the negative.
    3. I feel bad for Frankie Sullivan. He's played an entire career with zero help.
    4. I hope Jarnell Stokes took notice that his team did its best work without him. His lack of intensity and free throw shooting was abominable.
    5. Trae Golden finally showed fire. His occasional lapse in passion is disturbing.
    6. Josh
  5. 1/25 visitors

    Quote Originally Posted by Vol2424 View Post
    Trey Johnson is in Knoxville.

    Edit- Just a rumor. Doubt it's true. Heard that he showed up anyway even after he shot down the rumor.
    Could he just be here to push OSU on Bell?
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