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  1. What I'd Like To Hear Coming Out Of The UT Camp.

  2. What I'd Like To Hear Coming Out Of The UT Camp.

  3. The Section 103 Postgame Report.

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    1. Jackson Avenue scorched the Anthem. The Streak lives.
    2. I'm in Cuonzo Martin's camp, but I'm not a lemming. The rotation for the first 30 minutes was utter nonsense.
    3. Skylar McBee was utterly wretched defensively. He gave up three baskets before a good portion of the crowd had settled in their seats.
    4. Jarnell Stokes played with the level of effort he needs to bring every night. His absence in the last portion of the first half was critical.
    5. On a night when
  4. UT from my

    Things we did for fun.

    One of the things we enjoyed most at Gibbs Hall was the occasional SUMO wrestling contest. I'll preface this by saying we had one banned participant. For the life of me I can't remember his name but he was a wrestler, yes we use to have a wrestling team. He was Tennessee's heavy weight wrestler. He was 6'-7" and weighed over 400 pounds, we were big just not stupid.

    Gibbs at that time had hallways that went to the inside of the dorm. In the ...
  5. 10 Observations On This Tennessee Team After 8 Games.

    Quote Originally Posted by LawVol13 View Post
    1.) Jarnell Stokes is not going to be going pro barring an absolute dominating effort the rest of the season. He just doesn't appear ready.
    2.) Trae Golden is being too much of a facilitator rather than an initiator meaning the attacking Trae Golden we saw against Wichita State is the one we need to see the rest of the season.
    3.) Jordan McRae appears to still be a poor man's Scotty Hopson, woefully inconsistent.
    4.) Josh Richardson is a premier SEC perimeter defender. It's
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