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  1. Limited Site for Guest (unregistered/logged-in) Users

    1)Visitors can get to the following areas without logging in
    • Home Page
    • Blogs area and entries
    • Forum List, Thread List in Forum, but not Forum Posts.
    • Arcade

    You can test this by logging out and poking around. If you get to an area you think a Guest should not be able to get to, please let me know ASAP. Thanks
  2. Site worklist

    Here are some things that are coming to the site.

    1) Unregistered (anonymous) users will be able to view the home page and blogs, but not any thread posts.

    2) Mobile skin will get Tennessee'd

    3) Repaired cosmetics in the profile blurbs (due to improperly upgraded mods).

    4) Later, advertisements on the home page for anon users.

    5) Naked college girls.
  3. Site in limited feature state for vb support

    ...while we wait for Vbulletin team figure out what is wrong with the mobile theme. This issue has been escalated from support to dev.
  4. Blog Entries