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  1. Jon Gruden's Butt Cut (Formerly Dooley's Perfect Part)

    There are not very many post-game press conferences left for Derek Dooley. In case you missed this one, here are some of my favorite quotes:

    “Now we need to learn how to execute down the stretch”. Where have Tennessee fans heard this before? It seems like this is a go to quote for Dooley. When, exactly, should Tennessee fans expect to see this team execute down the stretch?

    “We hit stretches where we play pretty good, which is, you know, bizarre”- Dooley in regards ...
  2. Jon Gruden's Butt Cut (Formerly Dooley's Perfect Part)

    Saturday night was a painful realization for many and a confirmation for some that Derek Dooley is not the man to lead Tennessee.

    Coach, you had College Gameday on campus for the first time in eight years. You had Tennessee ranked for the first time in four years. You had people expecting a victory against an SEC opponent. You actually had expectations.

    You failed miserably to live up to those expectations. It is the same song and dance as the previous two years. The ...
  3. The Perfect Part: The Good and the Bad

    The first loss to Kentucky in my lifetime has me a little worried about the future of Tennessee football under Derek Dooley. I try hard to not have knee jerk reactions to wins or losses. Dooley was dealt a pretty bad hand from the get go, having both offensive and defensive lines depleted of talent, a group of upperclassmen that were no doubt bitter and an overall lack of depth and playmakers. I get that. I have tried to be patient.

    Since Dooley’s second season is officially over, ...
  4. The Perfect Part = The NCAA made a smart decision? And South Carolina thoughts

    Yesterday, the NCAA passed a ruling that allows conferences to give athletes an extra $2000 for cost of living expenses, made the APR important in post season play and has given schools the option of making a scholarship longer than a one year agreement. These all seem like good things, right?

    Well, it’s a start. I’m sure the BCS conferences have already started passing the stipend rule. The money must be distributed evenly between both male and female athletes. Thanks Title

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  5. The Perfect Part

    Just had to throw that out there...

    Well, Tennessee put up a valiant effort against an LSU team that's a national title contender. I feel a lot better after this loss than I did the UGA loss. Simms is what he is and the defense showed it can slow down a big physical back. Maggitt had arguably his best game as a Vol.

    Now, Tennessee gets to face off against the hated Crimson Tide of Alabama. If the offensive line can ...

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