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  1. Free!! – 2 Lower level tickets to Saturday’s game against MTSU

    It’s Homecoming Week for The University of Tennessee; and to honor the occasion I am giving 2 tickets to next Saturday’s game against MTSU to an 8th Maxim poster for Free.

    For a chance to win them simply post your interest in this thread -

    Deadline to enter is Wednesday at 8:00 pm EDT with the random drawing shortly thereafter.
  2. When you finish reading the Blogs…

  3. Dooley the Innovator!

    While I am still smarting from the loss, I take heart in knowing that we have a Coach and Staff who are not afraid to try new and unique things. You can really tell that Dooley is a student of Saban. Most of the creativity this game against the Georgia Bulldogs seemed to focus on the running and kicking game. I cannot wait to see which areas he focuses on for LSU.

    1) Running Backs – When you find yourself face to face with a defender in your backfield, give him a head fake. If it ...