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Tennessee Vols

  1. The Hawkeyes are a fresh canary for the Brick Mines.

    The Hawkeyes are a fresh canary for the Brick Mines. Don't get me wrong, there is already a growing pile of twitching and gasping little birds laying at the feet of Lyle Jones. But let's play pretend for a moment and go on a little journey of the mind:

    Let's say you are a sunshine-pumping true fan. Butch is the man, and is turning this program around before your very asymmetric eyes and the evidence for this is seemingly right underneath your bulbous troglodytic nose. I know, I know, ...
  2. The Tiers and Rankings of SEC Teams after Week One

    Alright fellow Volunteers, here is how I see things as of now.

    Based on the limited information of one week of college football, the perception of teams of the SEC fall into three tiers:

    The Gentry

    The gentry class teams include the perennially powdered Alabama and LSU, scandalously underachieving Georgia, and defending conference champion Auburn. Note that since there are three of these teams in the West, at least one of them is going to lose ...