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    by Published on 09-01-2014 01:34 AM   

    Alright fellow Volunteers, here is how I see things as of now.

    Based on the limited information of one week of college football, the perception of teams of the SEC fall into three tiers:

    The Gentry

    The gentry class teams include the perennially powdered Alabama and LSU, scandalously underachieving Georgia, and defending conference champion Auburn. Note that since there are three of these teams in the West, at least one of them is going to lose some luster by the end of the season. But remember, the West's upper crust may tear each other down but they'll still have money and you'll still be Appalachian.

    Transitioning into this tier are debutantes Texas A&M and Mississippi State. ...
    by Published on 06-24-2014 09:08 AM

    08/31/14 vs. Utah State
    09/06/14 vs. Arkansas State
    09/13/14 AT Oklahoma
    09/20/14 BYE
    09/27/14 AT Georgia
    10/04/14 vs. Florida
    10/11/14 vs. Chattanooga
    10/18/14 AT Ole Miss
    10/25/14 vs. Alabama
    11/01/14 AT South Carolina
    11/08/14 BYE
    11/15/14 vs. Kentucky
    11/22/14 vs. Missouri
    11/29/14 AT Vanderbilt
    Definite WINS (>95%) - 3
    Utah State
    Arkansas State

    Definite LOSSES (<5%) - 2
    @ Oklahoma

    Likely LOSS (<50%) - 2
    @ Georgia
    @ South Carolina

    Likely WIN (>50%) - 2
    @ Vanderbilt

    Toss up (50/50) - 3
    @Ole Miss

    Overall Record (Regular Season): 7-5
    I think that the games break along these lines, meaning, I think they'll be 5-4 for non-toss up games, and that they'll win 2 of those (toss ups), finishing 7-5.

    Best Chance to Steal a WIN: @ South Carolina
    Despite the revenge factor, I just don't think that USCe is as good as GA (even considering what they've lost), and is our best chance to steal a win. I also think that GA plays completely differently in Athens, and will look to show that last year's nail-biter in Knoxville was a fluke.

    Best Chance to Get Upset: @ Vanderbilt
    It's hard to call it an upset, when they've won 2 in a row, but they'll look to hold what they've earned the last two seasons, and may be tougher than most expect, despite Franklin's departure.

    You're Out of Your Mind We Can Win: @ Oklahoma
    That some have conveniently forgotten our still-glaring and comparative lack of high-caliber athletes, big-game experience and quality depth at almost every position, is somewhat understandable and not entirely unexpected (in the summer heat-induced fog of hope springing eternal, I suppose), but is no less a work of pure delusion. Simply, we are the very antithesis of what OU is right now, and no influx of talent from a single recruiting class - however highly regarded - is going to overcome the many, important and chasmic gaps which lie between these two programs. Damned sure not in Norman, on national television. Stoops is going to continue to seek ways to backup his statements about the SEC 's faux-dominance, and Tennessee (particularly this young o-line, on the road - remember I told to so, here) is going to be on the bad end of his doing so. I don't see a blow-out, per se, but can easily imagine a very (VERY!) comfortable win for the Sooners. Say, somewhere around a 24+ point win. I'd LOVE to be wrong, but can't imagine that I will be.

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