• If it's on the internet, it's true: Jewbaccah's recap

    We have entered the final week of recruiting. Some years the final week of recruiting is calm with a few kids making their final decisions on a school of choice. At UT we know better.

    UT has a new tradition of coaching turnover at the end of each season. This creates a recruiting two waved ripple effect. The first ripple is: What recruits do we lose? Sunseri has finished visiting all of our current commits. As of today, we are losing no one but may be telling a few to look around. Of course, there is still a chance a few may go elsewhere.

    The second ripple is: What recruits did we gain? Sunseri brings with him a new list of recruits he was looking at/recruiting. This next week will be a series of internet blips and reports of Dooley and Sunseri visiting various recruits. I imagine and Hubbs agrees with me that we will not have even heard of some of these guys. They will have been completely off our radar. I would buckle in and enjoy the e ride as info comes out it should be an interesting finish. Sunseri has already started us off with a big commit.

    Deion Bonner committed to the VOLS this past week and visited UT this weekend. Bonner is an elite DB who has had some troubles that resulted in him being arrested by local police and suspended from his HS team. As a result his ratings took a hit. However, Bonner is considered a top if not the best DB recruit in all of GA and he is a VOL. He had offers from Bama and OU. A stat you may enjoy is Bonner had 9 INTs in 6 games his senior year. He had 2 more in the All Star game.

    I added a couple of features to this week’s recruiting blog. If information is new I have colored the font orange. If the recruit is entirely new his name will be in orange. I hope this helps. If you have a suggestion to help improve this blog just leave a comment and I will endeavor to improve.

    If you are still wondering how many spots we have left. The simple answer is no one knows. The question of whether Bullard counts against this class lingers. Tino Thomas does count. So 3-4 spots left plus however many spots we free up by telling guys to look elsewhere.

    Lets take a look at the guys we had hooked but may be trying to wiggle free.

    Dalton Santos LB TX-. Santos was visited by Sunseri this past Wednesday. It seems to have settled him down. They ate together and even played a joke on Dooley. Santos visited Arky this weekend. He commented that he liked their team unity and that it was his last visit. All quotes from Santos as of now have him as a VOL. Texas A&M, TCU, Arky and Okie St. will be trying to secure his services over the next week. All we can do is hope he stays firm in his commitment.

    Otha Peters LB LA- Otha had something to say on twitter ”I love coach sal and I love the 3-4 so whoever is spreading rumors might as well stop I'mma vol for life!! #Tennessee” Otha seems to be solid to the VOLS.

    Danny O’Brien DT MI- Sunseri visited him this past week and he is still actively recruiting for us. It would be a shocker if he is not a VOL.

    Alton Howard A.K.A “Pig” WR FL- He has reconfirmed his commitment to the VOLS as of today all signs point to him sticking with the VOLS. UCF is going to go after him until the end however.

    LaDarrell McNeil S TX- McNeil visited Okie St. this weekend with his father. His mother did not make the trip due to his sister being ill. Sunseri visited him on Wednesday before going to see Santos. His mother is now firmly in support of him becoming a VOL. At the same time we will be waiting for that big quote stating he is all VOL after his trip to OSU our biggest threat.

    Davante Bourque RB LA- Bourque gave fans some concern after committing when he decided to take a trip to Miami. All reports are he and his father were not impressed with Miami after seeing UT. The evibe is he will stay a VOL.

    Daniel Gray CB FL- Gray is not a big fish. In fact, it seems we may be cutting him loose. He visited WVU this weekend and the word is Sunseri did not like his film and wants to fill his spot with another. He is one of lowest rated recruits we have. There is nothing official yet just internet buzz.

    The guys that seem most likely to fill the remaining spots are as follows.

    The DL recruits.

    Korren Kirven DT VA- This seems to be the top guy on our board. He is an elite DT recruit. He had an injury this year that kept him a little below the radar. He is deciding between VT and UT. Kirven was here this weekend. Dooley sat with him at the Kentucky game and it seems Danny O’Brien was doing his best to bring him here. It is important to note he had canceled this visit but deciding to come when we hired Sunseri. He has a visit to VT next week. We are on wait and see status as of today. Fingers crossed. Kirven is a 4 star recruit. He is 6’4 270 lbs. He visited Alabama this weekend. Bama has a spot left for a DT assuming Goldman picks FSU. I would not expect much to be decided on this one until after next weekend when he visits VT his home school.

    Justin Shanks DT AL- Shanks is currently committed to FSU. He came last weekend on an official visit. It seems to have gone well. Shanks may be influenced by the coming commitment of one Goldman DT from DC and a 5 star. If Goldman picks FSU we could pick up Shanks. Shanks is another Sunseri greatly improves our chances with. He was being recruited by Bama as well. In fact, it was believed he may switch his commitment to Bama at certain points in his recruitment. Shanks is 4 Star recruit. He is 6’3 300 lbs. Shanks visited with FSU this weekend. The e vibe is until Goldman (5 star DT)picks a school we will not know what the musical chairs of DT recruiting will bring.

    D. Tomlinson DT GA- This guy was destined to go to Georgia Tech. Everyone wants him and Sunseri may have earned us a visit. There is nothing official yet here but he may come one of the next two weekends. If he does look out. He is very fast for his size. He is 6’2 280 lbs with 4 stars. I would think Sapp when trying to compare him to someone. He is very quick for his size according to the internets of course. Tomlinson did not make either of his visits the last two weekends to UGA and USClite. I am going to assume we will here about Sunseri being in his home this week if Tomlinson has interest in UT.

    Bryson DT TN- This guys seems to be our fall back plan at DT. If we offer he will
    commit. He was here this weekend and is very interested in being a VOL. He is from Humboldt, TN. 6’4 300lbs with 3 stars. Bryson has committed to MTSU. The feeling is if we offer he would come but it seems unlikely he gets an offer.

    Jacoby Briscoe DT LA- There is no information that leads me to believe we are recruiting this kid. Bourque evidently tried to turn him on his trip to Miami. The problem is we have not offered and no information is out there that says we are even interested.

    The DB recruits.

    Devante Harris CB TX- This was a guy we wanted after he decommitted from OU. However, he committed to A&M today and is likely lost to us. Santos and McNeil were recruiting him for us and we were hoping to get a visit. He was the most highly rated CB on out list. 4 stars and 11th best CB in the country according to rivals.

    Ronald Darby CB MD- This is the next guy on our list. He is another one we hope to get a visit from using the momentum from the Sunseri hire. He runs a sub 4.4 40 and is about 6’ tall. He has 4 starts and is ranked right below Harris. Darby visited Clemson this weekend. If we don’t get a visit next weekend this one is over. Expectations would be he will go to FSU or Clemson.

    Devian Shelton DB CA- Shelton recently received an offer from us. We are trying to fill the spot vacated by Crawley who either decommitted or has grade issues depending on who you listen to on the internet. Shelton is committed to Oregon State. He has 4 stars and is about 6’1’’ 190. It is telling though that USC nor UCLA has offered when he lives in their back yard Inglewood, CA. Shelton visited UW instead of us this weekend. He did however reschedule UT for the coming weekend.

    The WR recruits.

    Demetrius Wilson WR AZ- Wilson is a JUCO player who visited us this weekend. He has declared us his leader last week. He is 6’2 about and around 180 lbs. He runs a 4.4 40. He has very good stats in JUCO just as good as Patterson. He only has 3 stars but is being pursued by Arkansas and Arizona. If Petrino wants a WR it is telling. He has 3 years to play 2 if he comes to the VOLS. Wilson opened his mouth on his visit to Arky and it became clear why this kid became a JUCO I doubt he can stay eligible at this point. "In my opinion, the SEC is a little bit more speed and more athletes that head to that league and play big.* Both schools are great schools.* *But Arkansas, I'm looking at how they have a better football program than Tennessee." I would not get that upset about losing a JUCO WR they honestly rarely work out.

    Quinshad Davis WR SC- Davis has elite hands and route running ability. He has about a 4.0 in High School and is considering Wake Forest, UNC, and UT. He eliminated USClite this week. He is not a burner and that is what has some teams backing off. He has 4 stars and is about 6’3’’ 180. We will receive his last visit this coming weekend. This is a very smart kid that seriously considers academics as a primary reason to pick a school. No one really knows what he is thinking but kid could pick UNC or Wake based on academics. I would say we are his leader right now. Kids usually visit their favorite school last. The Deacons however feel very confident they are getting him. We will have to wait and see.

    Cordarrelle Patterson WR SC- Patterson is considered an elite recruit. He played with Worley in SC. He has stated over and over and again very recently he wants to go to a school that he knows he will play right away at. He has visited UGA, UT, Ole Miss, and Auburn. There are rumors of him having grade issues. He was supposed to be an EE and already be at UT. He however did not get it done in the classroom. He seems frustrated at this point that no one will promise him playing time. Hinshaw recently visited him and from internet rumors told him were not going to promise playing time. He has 4 stars or 5 stars depending on the service. He is 6’3’ and about 200 lbs with plenty of speed. Patterson took his last visit to LSU this weekend according to LSU boards. We are in this one but no one knows what his kid will decide.

    The LB recruits.

    Richie Brown LB MS- This guy showed up on the radar a couple weeks ago and has become one of the most wanted guys on our list. He is the size of an ILB with elite OLB speed. 6’2’’ 230 lbs. with somewhere between 4.4 and 4.5 40 time depending on the service. He was recruited by Sirmon so that hurts but still came on his visit this weekend. Our competition is Ole Miss, MSU and Southern Miss. The vibe here is Richie is not coming to UT. Another MSU recruit tweeted this morning that Richie and him were Bulldogs. We will remain in a waiting pattern until he announces or better information comes available. He still has a visit planned to OM.

    Chase Robinson OLB/DE TN- Robinson has been committed to Texas Tech for awhile. The memphis native has offers from Louisville and UNC amongst others. He is extremely quick but does not have that 5th gear. Dooley visited him this past week. I would not be surprised to see him in Knoxville this weekend. He is a 3 star DE on rivals. He is 6’4 220.

    Q Lambert LB NJ- This kid is a 4 star that has committed to Rutgers. He wanted to go to Bama but they ran out of spots by the time he had made his decision. He originally had a commitable offer from Bama. Rumors only at this point Sunseri may get him to visit.

    Beniquez Brown RB/LB AL- Brown is an elite LB recruit all the big boys want him as a LB. The problem is he wants to be a RB. He is a solid RB recruit but not elite according to the experts. He is down to UT and MSU. Most think he is going to MSU due to his friend’s commitment there. The Bourque commitment makes that more likely as of today. The only internet rumor that leads one to think otherwise is that his father is a UT fan and has been wearing UT stuff all over town. If we could get him here and get him to play LB scouts say he is NFL prototypical LB.

    OL and RB recruits.

    Jake Meador OT IN- Meador decommitted from Ole Miss when Nutt was fired. He has visited here already. We have not offered but we may. He has 4 stars and is 6’7’‘ 290. The big schools are not biting on this guy. I do not know what the issue is here but something is not right.

    Overall it does not look like we have any OL recruits that are likely to get an offer or come here. However, Dooley is a very secretive recruiter and with the new Pittman hire who knows what will pop up over the next week or two.

    At RB with the Bourque commitment we could be done. All of our targets are committed as of today absent B. Brown. I am sure some rumors will pop up here as well over the next couple weeks.

    Everything above is as up to date as I could hope to make it when I typed it. The nature of recruiting is that it is fluid. Updated as of today could be out of date 5 minutes later. That is why recruitniks love it...it is the male soap opera that never ends. I did not address any 2013 recruits. I think it is best to leave that until after national signing day in February.
    This article was originally published in blog: If it's on the internet, it's true: Jewbaccah's recap started by Jewbaccah
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      Great stuff, Bacca. Going to be an interesting next couple of weeks. The DC change may be quite beneficial in the short-run.
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