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    by Published on 04-16-2014 12:19 PM     Number of Views: 1435 

    Here is a comparative guide for those candidates who are most often mentioned in regards to Tennessee's head coaching search:

    Name Team HC (Yrs) Wins Losses Win% NCAA's NIT/Other No Post Season Best Finish Age Salary
    Tad Boyle Colorado 9 148 115 56% 3 2 4 3rd Rd (AA) 51 $1.5M
    Rick Byrd Belmont 33 689 356 66% 6 14 13 1st Rd (AA) 60 $728K
    Tom Crean Indiana 15 291 194 60% 7 3 5 Final 4 48 $3.1M
    Lawrence Frank Brook. Nets* 9 (NBA) 279 335 45% N/A N/A N/A N/A 43 $1M
    Ben Howland N/A 19 399 208 66% 10 2 7 Finalist (AA) 56 N/A
    Bobby Lutz NC St.* 21 398 247 62% 9 4 8 2nd Rd (AA) 56 $225K
    Chris Mack Xavier 6 111 57 66% 4 0 2 Sweet 16 44 $500K
    Gregg Marshall Wich St. 16 174 71 71% 10 3 3 Final 4 51 $2M
    Archie Miller Dayton 3 63 38 62% 1 1 1 Elite 8 35 $350K*
    Rick Pitino, Jr Minnesota 2 43 27 61% 0 1 1 NIT Champ. 31 $1.2M
    Shaka Smart VCU 5 137 46 75% 4 1 0 Final 4 37 $1.5M*
    Rick Stansbury N/A 14 293 164 64% 6 5 3 2nd Rd (AA) 54 N/A
    Donnie Tyndall Sou. Miss. 9 56 17 77% 2 3 4 Sweet 16 43 $500K*
    Michael White LA Tech 3 74 31 71% 0 3 0 NIT Qrts 37 $500K
    Will Wade UTC 1 18 15 55% 0 0 1 N/A 30 $198K


    • Lawrence Frank has no head coaching experience at the college level, his stats are for head coaching in the NBA
    • Shaka Smart just signed (another) extension....ten (10) years, through the 2028 season
    • Archie Miller just signed an extension through 2019. $350K is his old salary, as the amount he was bumped was not made public
    • Donnie Tyndall just signed an extension through 2018, he must pay back 35% of his contract's worth when leaving ($850K or so, if he leaves this year)
    • Salaries, terms, buyouts, etc. were taken from a variety of sources
    • Stats were taken from Wikipedia, in most cases (just to be transparent)

    My Best Guesses as to the Average Tennessee Fan's Most Popular Choices (in no particular order):
    Name BBall HC Experience Most Likely Reason(s) Cited for Hiring Odds of Being Hired
    Philip Fulmer None His firing was unjust and caused "all bad things" 10:1
    Tyler Summitt .0004 Last name is "Summitt" 7:1
    Bruce Pearl 10+ years We are just stupid enough to re-hire a known cheat and liar 6:5
    Phil Jackson 10+ years Less of a pipe dream than Gruden, knows MJ 265:1
    Derek Dooley None Orange pants, just needed more time...and another sport 35:1
    Jim Haslam None Cut out the middle men, already 12:1
    Clay Travis None Vandy Law degree, we just decide to give up on basketball 109:1
    Jerry Green 10+ Decade of Irrelevance + KMart stock up = Blue Light Special 15:6
    Margie Ison None Miss her weather forecasts, she "talks like us" 400:1
    Buzz Peterson None Like Cuonzo (nice guy + bad coach), but not as "Urban" 38:1
    Bob Kesling None Already attends games, "dead air" better than his announcing 156:1
    Jon Gruden None Better odds for basketball, than football, second time a charm? 183:1
    Gene Hackman None Dave Hart saw "Hoosiers", was impressed with his moxie 156:1
    Dave Hart None Hires himself, lifetime contract with guaranteed buyout, quits next day 4:1
    Wanda Sykes None Cheek/Martin achieve holy trinity of diversity: black, female and lesbian 3:1
    Gary Sousa None Lots of free-time, standard-bearer for University, raw musicality 2:1
    Random Person None First person who appears at Hart's door and calls "dibs" on the job, gets it PUSH

    I'll update each list, as appropriate. Suggestions are welcome.
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    After being on this board, and checking out others from time to time, I thought it might be useful to collect a standard list of rube logic that constantly gets spewed and annoys the lot of us here to no end on a regular basis (and, in fact, pushed most of here in the first place). Perhaps this could even be an easy reference point to direct offenders. Something along the lines of "that sort ...

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