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The 8th Maxim

The Section 103 Postgame Report.

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1. Elektra has apparently changed a great deal as a label over the years. The Farm, who did a nice job on the Anthem, appeared to have very little in common with The Doors.
2. The presence of Wayne Chism and Chris Lofton in the pregame video was a great touch. UT has too often lost touch with their basketball history. Hopefully, that doesn't happen anymore.
3. A thought hit me as UCONN came on the floor today. Jim Calhoun is the best coach ever to appear in a regular season game in Thompson Boling Arena and it's not really close.
4. That was a fantastic defensive effort. UT was in position and set to guard on almost every possession.
5. Jeronne Maymon's limitations were shown again today. It's tough for him to handle taller guys who match his strength. That said, he still made some crucial plays.
6. It's mindboggling that Jarnell Stokes and Andre Drummond should both still be playing against high school/prep competition. Imagine being some 6'4" kid assigned to guard them. Big fun.
7. You could see a whole lot of Gene Keady in that win today. Lots of things come and go in college basketball. Defense and toughness never go out of style.
8. Josh Richardson did a great job on Jeremy Lamb. The UCONN star scored some points because he's a great offensive player. Richardson made him earn each and every one.
9. I love dogs. I don't have anything against frisbees. However, seeing the same dogs catching frisbees show UT has run out there for what seems like the last 20 years is dismal. However, seeing the Tennessee family rally around Pat Summitt made it the best halftime of the year.
10. The last three Saturdays have been great stuff in TBA. Today was a true team victory. With the exception of Wes Washpun and Dwight Miller, who showed exactly why they never play, everyone contributed. Now, the next step is to take that act on the road. Free throw shooting and ballhandling have to improve for that to happen.

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