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The Day After NSD

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Originally posted by CardinalVol in the Tennessee Football Forum:

I'm fairly unchanged at all in where I stand about the program.

I'm not angry with yesterday's results, nor am I overly thrilled. It's a solid, but not great class. There were some good gets, but there were some guys this program needed to get that they didn't. However, in the end, in the 3 recruiting classes Dooley was coach for (let's not really argue who and what about 2010, ok), there have been enough gets to where we are at least at the minimum threshold for competitiveness in the SEC. All in all, recruiting wise, while we can't be overly giddy about what Dooley has brought in, we can't be angry either. I joke about it, but he has "stabilized" the roster talent wise. We at least have a fighting chance in 11 of 12 games next year (Bama notwithstanding).

That does not mean I am any less concerned about this coaching staff. Quite frankly, we have a head coach that has had a losing record 4 of his 5 years as a head coach, has enough of a track record in Knoxville to make me highly skeptical that he's not our version of Mike Shula, and a staff that doesn't exactly get my blood pumping and make me want to book tickets to Atlanta for the first weekend in December. I get what they have been playing with and that this team hasn't caught a single on-the-field break in the Dooley era, but if you look at an honest assessment of the overall body of work, there is reason to be skeptical about the staff as a whole.

At the end of the day, there are 11 winnable games next year. There isn't a team on the schedule other than Bama that we do not have a chance against. If Dooley and this staff are worth anything at all, they win 9 games. To change my overall opinion on him for the long term, he probably needs to break into the double-digit win column. That means he's beaten a couple of teams that had equal or more on field talent. That would be a positive.

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