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The Brad Watts story

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Brad and I came in to UT as freshmen together. Freshmen had to be there 3 days before the upper classmen. A few of us linemen types were out on the practice field doing things on our own. We came upon these padded 2x12's that were planted in the ground. We figured out that these were for giving forearms and rolling to the next one and repeat. Well three of us went and did what we thought the drill should be. Brad went last. The very first one that Brad gave a forearm to, he broke the board off. We panicked. We decided that we needed to tell coach Ray Trail, we went to his office and told him. All he did was smile!

The upper classmen finally arrived and it was testing day for weights. We were in a room with the all the linemen and there was a bar on the floor with 350 pounds on it. We didn't know it was to warm up for dead lifts. Brad walks up to the bar and picks it up, presses it over his head 5 times, puts the bar down and says."I think we need more weight!" All the upper classmen just stared at him with their mouths open.

This event worked out to my advantage as Brad was my room mate. We were the only freshmen that didn't get picked on from he upper classmen and it wasn't because of me. They were scared of Brad.

The Last Lap, yes that place. We were in there one night, several players just having a good time. Well there were a couple of guys in the place that seemed to want to impress their girlfriends or something. Well a fight broke out, there were probably 10 or so people involved. Things were going on and then we heard this loud scream. Brad had walked in. He picked this guy up over his head and just stood there screaming. He then threw the guy about five feet into a wall. When the guy his the floor, he just stood there screaming, kind of like the Hulk would have done. Needless to say, the fight stopped at that point and those guys and their girlfriends left. Brad was handy to have around.

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