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The 8th Maxim

The Somewhat Late YY6 Postgame Report.

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1. Tennessee played a very mediocre team tonight. They got their asses kicked.
2. The offensive line has regressed. I almost wish I still had access to post on VN so I could ask them all how the trade of James Cregg for Hamburger Harry has turned out for UT.
3. It's a good thing Aaron Murray is terribly inaccurate on the deep ball. If he were on target, UGA scores at least three more touchdowns.
4. I never dreamed I'd see UT be so awful in the secondary and at linebacker. Even the bad teams in my lifetime had some winning talent at those positions.
5. Tyler Bray got assaulted today. I'll be interested to see how well he responds to the beating whenever he comes back.
6. Next week will be hideous. This will be the biggest mismatch in Neyland since the 2002 Miami beatdown.
7. Oklahoma, LSU, and Alabama are playing on a completely different level than everyone else. Unless Oklahoma State can somehow find enough defense to clip OU December 3rd, the winner of the Tigers and Tide will draw the Sooners for all the marbles.
8. People who say Lane Kiffin has no class can eat feces. His comments about Al Davis today show he has more class in his pinky than the entire Fulmer family has in all of their bloated bodies.
9. I would hope that everyone now forgets that Al Davis got a little off track at the end of his time and remembers him for exactly what he was. The greatest football executive of all time.
10. I have to comment on the halftime show. That might have been the single stupidest thing I've ever seen in Neyland Stadium.

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