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Thread: Article: The Halfcourt Trap: The Trap 10, Vol. V Edition.

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    'Excuses are the tools of the incompetent." Mike Tomlin.

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    4. All of the talk about whether or not the NBA should have allowed the deal sending Paul to the Lakers to be completed misses two major points. First, there are some first class imbeciles in NBA ownership. Nobody should be listening to anything Dan Gilbert or Robert Sarver have to say. Also, the league's reluctance to put a team in Las Vegas forces them to try and prop up teams in markets that don't appear that concerned about having professional basketball in their cities. Those two factors conspired to make this mess

    (1) The opinions of Dan Gilbert or Robert Sarver wouldn't matter if it weren't for the massive conflict of interest that exists when the league (and the "league" is just the collection of team owners, who David Stern answers to and essentially works for) collectively owns one of the franchises. It's a ridiculous scenario, but even as ridiculous as it is, the effect of the conflict of interest could have been ameliorated if buffers were put in place. They weren't. Dell Demps was acting under auspices of authority he did not have. (2) It isn't the reluctance to put a franchise in Vegas. Don't get me wrong, I think that is a fine idea. But the root of the problem is that the league overexpanded in the first place.
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    5. One of college basketball's best rivalries is renewed tomorrow afternoon in the Chicken Bucket. It's a Metro Conference reunion as Memphis and Louisville resume hostilities. Seeing these two go head up again will evoke memories of the Doctors of Dunk, Keith Lee's Jeri-Curl, Denny Crum's jackets, and Darius Washington's agony. Any college basketball fan with a sense of history needs to watch this one. This game should be played on an annual basis. It's that simple.
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    8. Baylor is on a real roll. Scott Drew's collection of future pros is undefeated and largely unchallenged so far in '11-'12. It is not likely to be as easy tomorrow in Provo. BYU rarely loses at home. By rarely, I mean pretty much never. Even with Jimmer Fredette now preparing for his rookie season in the NBA, Dave Rose's Cougars are perfectly capable of handing the Bears their initial defeat. This one will help prepare Drew's charges for trips to places like Lawrence and Manhattan.
    The line closed at Baylor+4. The moneyline was Baylor +160. I did well on this game. Granted, I was sweating for a while. But the athletes of Baylor prevailed in the end.Hat, what are the toughest venues to play at? Indiana has to be up there? Duke? Syracuse? What are some of the most difficult places to go on the road and get a win?

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    Where did you go, other comments?

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