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Thread: Article: The Section 105 Postgame Report.

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    Default Article: The Section 105 Postgame Report.

    'Excuses are the tools of the incompetent." Mike Tomlin.

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    10. UT is a step closer to getting back to break even. That's the only storyline that really matters. It's been a good week for the program. Two wins and the addition of Jarnell Stokes constitutes building momentum. Merry Christmas.
    Agreed. 1. I firmly believe that beating the tar out of bad teams is the best barometer for greatness. This is why I'm super high on Syracuse this year.2. I also believe that -- in basketball -- winning close games is a skill in and of itself.3. We were never going to be great this year. We're very far away from great. Possibly the full length of Greg Oden's penis. Which is a long way. 4. Thus, I'm happy to win the close ones. It shows something.

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