2020 Recruiting Class

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by lylsmorr, Nov 13, 2018.

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    National top 100 player out of high school, ranked #4 WDE in America by Rivals.

    Bama, Georgia, Florida, LSU offers.

    That’s the type of player we should be signing.
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  4. lylsmorr

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    Sad he's c/o 2020. Wonder if he could sign this year somehow

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    That’d be ideal.
  6. chavisut

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    Big time.

    Could he immediate Taylor replacement.
  7. lylsmorr

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    He'll play immediately whenever he gets here. Kid is good
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  8. GoVols2003

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    He can not be in this class bc he failed to qualify academically last year. When that happens, you have to stay for a 2nd year.
  9. chavisut

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    Sorry, should say could be, not could he.
  10. hohenfelsvol

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    Great commit.
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    So that's all kids that go the Juco route from high school then?
  12. justingroves

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    It would be the majority of them, but not all go to JUCO because of academics.
  13. chavisut

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    Most. Some go for lack of other options.
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    Some might get in trouble or decide to leave early and go JUCO instead of sitting out a year without scholarship.

    Some kids may end up JUCO because they go unnoticed don't get the offers they want.

    In Mississippi for example, JUCO football is really serious. Perennially, it is essentially the SEC of JUCO Football with plenty of top shelf talent and a number of nationally ranked teams. What this creates is power for the JUCO programs. They can only scholarship 5 kids per year from out of state, therefore most of your kids come from in state. Because of their success, a lot of FCS or small programs will stay away bc they are afraid they will sign a kid only to lose him to a JUCO later in the spring/summer. This is bc JUCOs will sell that they can take a Mid Major offer and turn it into a P5 offer or what not. Its a crazy game.
  16. PilotFlyingJ

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    I didn’t know their oos scholly situation. Interesting
  17. GoVols2003

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    Yep, it's what you have a lot of kids who live just across the border in Memphis that go to Kansas JUCOs instead of MS....Kansas several years back moved to allowing unlimited OOS scholarships. It has made their brand of football better. There are some in MS that have moved toward doing the same. Guys like ole Buddy at EMCC, but a lot of folks don't want savvy recruiters like him having that leeway.

    Most of your 8 (I misspoke by saying 5 earlier) right now will be consisting of D1 transfers form SEC/ACC or maybe a stud who doesn't make grades.
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    The Wrays are an overdramatic asshole family
  20. PilotFlyingJ

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    Looks like we’re cutting Jalil Clemons loose.

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