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  1. The Dooz

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    Charlie Taylor can play the postion defensively as good as anybody in the SEC. He was a really good hitter in high school (he went to the same school as Andrew Jones’s kid) too, so not sure why it hasn’t worked out at the plate for him so far.

    But he’s a hard working kid, one of the hardest, so I really hope it turns around for him.
  2. Ssmiff

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    He may just need ABs. Hard to play sparingly and get in rhythm at the plate and gain confidence.
  3. ole_orange

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    Sucks about the Peay kid. You'd think there would be a catcher or two that wants to catch for multiple future first round arms. I think CT is ok defensively, just don't trust his bat long term. Of course in general as long as your catcher has a lock on managing his pitchers and isn't a defensive liability, you can live with a catcher being your worst hitter in the lineup. CT is still young though, I'm just not convinced based on what we saw offensively from him last year he is ever going to be a type that can hit in the 8 spot giving you at least 10+ HRs while hitting over .250. Our last two catchers spoiled us with their offensive production.
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    Still though, outside of both Crawford and Alexander, it looks like we overcame the draft this year better than some. Our HS recruits remain in tact. Vanderbilt had their entire incoming class pillaged by the MLB draft. Seemed like they lost 3 or 4 HS baseball commits in the first round alone.

    I am looking forward to the Alabama 3B transfer Zane Denton who is originally from the Nashville area. I think he will flourish next year playing in our hitter friendly ball park, especially after works within our hitting program all offseason with coaches who know what they are doing. That coach at Alabama him and all the other good players at Bama are leaving is a huge clown. Plus he was the best fielding defensive 3rd baseman in the SEC last year statistically.

    Denton, Maui, Ortega (maybe), and Burke would be an incredible infield
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    Wow 2 years in a row got screwed there.
  6. The Dooz

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    Seth Stephenson signed with the Tigers today, so that’s the whole starting outfield.
  7. SGMVols

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    I think all our guys who were selected will end up signing.
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    Beat out Arkansas for that kid. Vitello and Van Horn might actually throw hands next time we play them.
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    We could sell PPV for that that would make Vince McMahon blush.
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    Was the 2022 AAC player of the year. Gonna fill one of those outfield roles quite nicely.
  12. The Dooz

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    More good news.

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    Apparently, he suffered a forearm injury.

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