Analyzing Worley and the SC game

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by Brinkley52, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Myself and volfanjo enjoyed watching the game from the North Carolina mountains and took our own opinions on the game. First and foremost, it was apparant that Justin was a little overwhelmed with the game. He made freshman mistakes, IE throwing that pass at the goaline that was picked, and the forced pass in the end zone. (However I imagine that was a predesigned throw as UT wanted to take a shot after recovering the fumble). But, his teammates did a poor job of helping him. The Rogers drop was a good off a pass that UT has thrown all year (50 yard bomb that hit Rogers in stride and he just flat out drops it). If Rogers makes that catch, UT leads 10-7. I think Worley showed his arm strength on a few strong throws into zone coverage. Pulling him for Simms was a desperation move and hopefully doesn't effect his confidence in the future because it is apparent that Worley gives UT the best chance to win, he just needs snaps.
    And on another note, SC's defense is the third best that UT will face this year, so its not like Worley was playing some chump D.
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    That was pretty much all I took from it. The kid played like a freshman.

    I didn't think pulling him was a mistake, though. What we were doing wasn't working, and there was still a chance to win the game. If his ego is that fragile, that is another area in which he needs to grow.

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