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    As many of you know, Axion Jackson is the seemingly intelligent (or at least, well read) and verbose character best known as the long-time thorn in the proverbial side of the TOOS, and who has been the subject of innumerous and repeated bans, albeit for specific reasons that I am largely unaware. Despite this dubious history, Axion was welcomed to join, here, which he did.

    Upon his admission, we extended the same courtesy to him as we have to all - the ability to start anew, despite whatever persona they had either adopted, purported or come to be known for, elsewhere, for well or ill. Admittedly, and to my discredit, I was clearly and repeatedly urged to prevent his entry, warning that I should expect nothing less than the same sort of antics for which he had was already well and widely known for. Unfortunately, they were exactly correct, and Axion proceeded to be just as recklessly and unnecessarily insufferable here, as he was there. It wasn't that he was strongly opinionated (he was) or was either too quick or certain in the advancement or defense of his position(s) - this site is replete with those personalities - but that he was largely incapable (I neither know nor care if it was "unable" or "unwilling" as the end result is the same) of participating in any level of discourse without it quickly devolving into either some vitriolic diatribe or his launching of increasingly personal attacks on other members, and worse, absent any provocation, whatsoever.

    Whether it was the hope that he may actually excel in this environment, the naive belief that he could learn to practice some modicum of self-restraint, or that we simply felt sorry for the plight which his own misguided actions often caused - we tried every solution short of banning him. I personally sent him multiple PM's, both asking him to stop the wanton attacks on other members, and encouraging him to simply try to understand the positions of others, even if disagreeable to his own. IP, Hat, and several others attempted the same, with neither meaningful nor long-lasting result. We then attempted to simply place all of his posts on moderated status, meaning, they had to be approved by a mod before being seen by others, but similarly, this did nothing but overburden the mods and like all lesser measures, it too failed to stop - or even curb - his antics. And so, feeling that no other recourse was available, we banned him from the site, outright. A few weeks later, he contacted a few members via email, claiming that his actions stemmed from a litany of medical conditions which were now being better controlled, and urged them to vouch for character and to lobby for his re-admission to the site, which they did. Again, after much discussion, and against the better judgment of a few mods, he was allowed back in. As a condition of allowing his participation, Axion offered to several people that if he were ever asked to leave, again, he would do so without qualm. Shortly thereafter (read: within hours), he was continuing the same antics previously described, and which had lead to his first banishment. Now, amidst a slew of fresh complaints from members, both registered and mods, what small support which had tenuously remained for him quickly evaporated, and he was again banned from the site.

    Following his banishment, I sent him a personal email which specifically laid out the many reasons (largely, those noted here) for his banishment, the lesser means which we had employed but had previously failed, and the absolute assurance that his banishment was permanent, absolute and unwavering in all regards. In fact, I even went so far as to say that the mere idea of his return would never again even be considered, much less allowed, regardless as to any circumstance or change, and no matter who or how many people he urged to seek it on his behalf. I closed by invoking his personal pledge to leave and never return, if asked. Axion never responded to my email, and for several weeks, all was quiet. However, over the course of the last few months, Axion has simply re-directed his fits of tantrum in other somewhat more annoying methods, but with little result. For example, being fixated on some slight which he perceives KPT to have given, he attempted to contact him with the results of his own internet-based sleuthing efforts to identify his "real name" (which, comically, turned out to be some guy on Twitter whom KPT had never even heard of, and who did not share any part of his name). Most predominantly, Axion's efforts have been toward making numerous attempts at re-entering this site, albeit under different names - which we estimate to not total somewhere between 25-50 aliases. Of course, this has proven ineffective, as most are caught (and denied at registration) or he's easily spotted posting in the forums, again, on some diatribe or personal attack where he is quickly banned and all posts deleted.

    Ostensibly, now that school is out and with more free time on his hands, his efforts at multiple registrations has intensified, sometimes making several a day. While the action itself is more sad than annoying, it has continued, unabated. Recently, in a last-ditch hope of giving him some much-needed pause to reconsider his continued and unwelcome involvement here, we wanted him to know that we were not only very much aware of what he was doing, but who he was. While he has held some naively foolish faith in the ability of a proxy server to provide an impenetrable veil of anonymity from which to launch these attacks, however, I continue to hope that my recently changed avatar has offered some clear and convincing evidence to the contrary.

    So, why make all of this known, or why now? First, because we detested the clandestine, ambiguous and largely unexplained actions on other sites, and don't wish to similiarly fail to be anything less than transparent. Secondly, because I recently received an email from Axion, saying the following:

  2. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D The law is of supreme importance, or no importance

    I'll try to answer these in the order in which they were presented:

    1. Your reasons for banishment have been made abundantly clear, and if not previously, then here.
    2. I don't know about your "ego" - I did, however, expect you to be a person of their word. Clearly, you are not.
    3. Instead, I think that you are simply an elaborate troll, and nothing else. But largely, I don't think about you, at all. If ever.
    4. You don't need to "recruit" anyone from this site. I'll gladly post the link to your new site, and encourage anyone who wants to visit, to do so.
    5. Your new board sounds like its off to a good start - Hat, IPO, Emain, Quannah, Droski, and Justin would be solid "gets" (may I also suggest NYYVol?). To say that I am "wholly unconcerned" with how hard or feverishly you are willing to work, or in any aspect of your new board, is to woefully understate it.
    6. The schism is not only your doing, alone, but is entirely irreparable. That ship has not only sailed, but has since been scuttled.
    7. You are not welcome here, in any capacity, at any time, for any reason, whatsoever, without exception. I am bankrupt as to how I could say it either more plainly or unwaveringly.
    8. Where you live is but one of the many things we've come across, AJ. However, you can be certain that we have never intended to make that publicly known to anyone, for any reason. Unlike you, we understand both the value of personal ethics and in the proper delineation between our "on-line" persona and personal lives. While you may cross that line, given the chance, we have no intention of doing so. We did it as a gentle way of making you aware of how well-known you really were. Hopefully, that lends you the necessary self-control to leave the site, and never return.
    9. I have neither the desire nor intent of speaking to you beyond this. I don't know what kind of a person you are, and don't care enough to learn. However, I sincerely do wish you nothing but the best, and in all things, wherever you go or whatever you do - so long as it is somewhere besides here, on the 8thMaxim.

    For those who wish to participate on Axion's new site (I have no idea as to the particulars involved, nor care to): Jackson PHX - Home

    And so, with that, Axion - best of luck, and good riddance.

    I intend for this to be the last time I waste any of my time, or yours, with this nonsense, publicly or privately.
  3. kidbourbon

    kidbourbon Well-Known Member

    That new site looks Pretty. [uck fay]ing. Sweeeet!
  4. BearCat204

    BearCat204 Chieftain

    Jesus Christ, that kid has major issues. I actually feel sad for him though.
  5. MaconVol

    MaconVol Chieftain

    Damn Tenny D, you may very well be my favorite poster on this whole board.
  6. NYYVol

    NYYVol Super Moderator

    So you're the reason I got a PM about a new site from Knoxville Jeff, eh Tenny?

    I figured as much it was Axion. Thus it got deleted quickly. I figured that it was him or Knoxville Jeff was a moniker for the Tenny D who pretends like penetrating a male anus is disgusting. Either way my spider sense kicked in and I went to protect sphincter mode.
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  7. CardinalVol

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    PMs to members about a new site?

  8. NYYVol

    NYYVol Super Moderator

    Which is why I was afraid to mention it. I've not exchanged cell numbers with JayVols, so PM's are my only access to nudies at this point.
  9. Daddy Gee

    Daddy Gee Chieftain

    So Axion was a TenD alt?
  10. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    Nah, axion is real
  11. IP

    IP Advanced Pruitt Apologetics Bot

    I'm a Tenny D alt.
  12. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D The law is of supreme importance, or no importance

    Do not believe.

    Too intelligent. And liberal.
  13. Daddy Gee

    Daddy Gee Chieftain

  14. MaconVol

    MaconVol Chieftain

    Are any of you actually going to go with this guy?
  15. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    I'm not smart enough for that forum.
  16. NYYVol

    NYYVol Super Moderator

    Might be worth trolling one day.
  17. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    Clearly I'm not either. The problem here is most certainly on my end.
  18. lumberjack4

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    I might check it out when the member count breaks double digits. Then again, I'm mainly a lurker, or a double agent, sometimes I forget which.
  19. CardinalVol

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    We should start on own forum for people not smart enough for Axion.
  20. Daddy Gee

    Daddy Gee Chieftain

    Yep, or reading one of his rants when he goes into manic phase one night.

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