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    I cannot afford one let alone two.
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    I think you are confused between brining in a portion of an example, and bringing in all examples.

    If Martin draws from a an example, that doesn't mean that it occurred on that same timeline, or that future events will occur in a similar timeline, or at all.

    Again, Westeros has a recorded history in the thousands of years. Aegon conquered like 3,000 years prior to the start of the series.

    The Wall was built several thousand years before that, and was manned when Aegon came to Westeros.

    They aren't in the Middle Ages. This who they are.
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    This is true. Most fantasy worlds are static. Middle Earth actually degrades, civilization wise, over time.
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    Also, Arya isn't Christopher Columbus. She is Brandon Stark (not Bran) who sailed west and never returned.
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    300 years, the Targs were recent. and the 7 kingdoms were such for thousands of years. or am I off?
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    I'm just a simple man that says [uck fay] and shit a lot, and this season of Game of Thrones was [uck fay]ing shit
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    No, I'm not confused. The wall is inspired by Hadrian's Wall. There are knights, lords, etc. It's analogous to the Middle Ages. It's inspired by a particular time period, as noted by Martin himself when referencing women's rights, specifically. So, all in all, no, it isn't an exact history, but the idea I initially presented to complain of a lack of an idealistic modern feminism is a bit silly in the context of the story and background to the show and books.
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    It wasn't a literal example.
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    You understand what the word "in" means, yes?
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    Fine. Inspired by the Middle Ages or whatever. Sweet Jesus.
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    You're correct. The First Men were there a long time ago and ended up fighting the Children of the Forest for control. The CotF created the NK to fight back against the First Men but eventually the FM defeated the NK and signed a truce of sorts with the CotF.

    Then the Andals came after a period of several thousand years. The Andals wrecked the FM due to technological differences, but many kingdoms were simply intermarried into.

    Aegon invaded and the calendar reset. From that point forward Martin keeps track in terms of BC (Before Conquest) and AC (After Conquest). The War of Five Kings started in 298 AC, so within 300 years after the Targaryen invasion.
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    Read something that speculated that Varys’ had hired a killer to poison Dany, and that this was the woman who told him she wouldn’t eat.

    He went all-in on talking to Jon so as to convince him to take the throne, as he anticipated her being killed, and before he himself was discovered to be the culprit behind it, and also killed. He had to get his argument to Jon in when he did, knowing he’d soon be dead after Dany.

    He was writing the letters to spread the news that Jon was the rightful heir, so as to not allow anyone to hide it, after he was dead, and in case Jon refused to take it, once Dany was dead. He put those rings in the cup before he was taken so as to make final payment to his assassin, even after his death, and thus, ensuring that she would finish the job of killing Dany.

    It was only the assassin and Tyrion who could have known of his plot to kill Dany, or the likely existence of it should it occur, and who could have ratted him out to Dany, while she was alive or soon after her death, to Grey Worm and her remaining loyalists.

    The author (can’t recall where I read it) said that this is the reason for Varys’ subdued sigh of relief upon hearing that it was his friend, Tyrion who ratted him out, before he was killed. As it wasn’t the assassin who told Dany, he knew that she hadn’t been discovered, and would still have a chance to complete her job.

    Varys hatched a plan to save the Kingdom, and was satisfied that it had a chance to work, even when it required his death.
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