Mitchell Guist (Swamp People) dies...

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by Oldvol75, May 14, 2012.

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    Swamp People cast member Mitchell Giust dies

    Fell from his boat this morning after what is being characterized as a seizure. Simple man that lived off the land. Hate it. I liked watching him and his brother, Glen.

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    Oops. OV beat me. Merge pls.
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    I was wondering how you got a reply before me!
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    Visuals. It's the way to go.
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    Just merged threads for the win!
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    Those (now that) guys (now guy) were (now is) awesome.
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    He died doing what he loved. No better exit than that.
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    From what I gathered, the only thing that could have been better for him is if the siezure was induced by smoked garr, squirrel meat, turtle soup, catfish, and/or boiled cajun style crawfish.
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    Behind Troy, the Guist brothers were my favorite characters, and he was my favorite of the two.

    If you don't know any, or preferably several, people like the Guist's, you have erred and should seek to correct it post haste.

    Side notes:
    I can't stand the Native-American father/son duo - seriously, how many times are they going to reference that he's an arm-wrestling champion, and the whole "King of the Swamp" shit is just as tiresome.

    Liz was better with Troy. She actually goes from a 2 to a strong 3 when she's got makeup on. Her partner frightens me.

    The step-father / step-son duo are tolerable, but in the back of my mind, I keep waiting on the son to just monkey stomp him one day.

    I get the impression that Bruce (wears overalls, takes his rodent / dog) is just an insufferable know-it-all, and that his Partner (the Army "sniper") secretly loathes his ass.

    I like the other father / son duo - but damn, the dad abuses his older neighbor when they go out, and the son needs to plug that missing tooth, at some point. I don't care if it's a gator tooth or a 22" spinner, but fill that hole already.

    I would pay good money to go out and hunt with Troy.

    The two young guys are entertaining, and singlehandedly represent every LSU fan stereotype I've ever held. Or even heard of.
  11. JayVols

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    Good synopsis. Troy is far and away the best. I, too, would pay good money to spend a day or two on the swamp with him. The Guist Bros were my second favorite. They remind me of some of the old guys that lived near my farm when I was a kid. Goofy and had no formal education, but they had more common sense and practical knowledge I have ever seen. I wonder if he and his brother were as close as they seemed. I get the feeling they are. In this case, I wonder how long Glen will hang with the show. They dynamic they brought will suffer no doubt.

    The Native-American father and son get on my nerves due to the number of times they say "bro". They have to own a record in Guiness Book.

    I have yet to see them eating corn dogs.
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