My Take On The Inbounds Call and the Future.

Discussion in 'Vols Hoops' started by LawVol13, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. LawVol13

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    1.) I liked the design. Isolate Stokes from 12 feet with McRae available at the top of the key for the kick out, which was open and was what Stokes was trying to do.

    2.) That's as bad of a call as I've seen in that type of situation. Ref had already made his mind up on what he was calling before Stokes even made the move.

    3.) Josh Richardson played absolutely phenomenal basketball in the tourney. That bodes well for him leading the team next year.

    4.) Cuonzo had a really nice run with this team. No shame in losing that game. Some nice defensive adjustments in the second half. Still, it was a bad decision to continue with Maymon on Robinson for long stretches in the first half and even worse to put Reese on him. Should have just put Moore in.

    5.) I expect Tennessee to offer Cuonzo a raise and extension, but the best situation for both parties is if Cuonzo leaves for another job, imo.
  2. Jonboy

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    I liked the design as well. McRae was going to have an open shot or an open lane with potential for layup/dunk or foul.

    I'm sickened by the call. If we'd made our free throws or started defending earlier, it wouldn't have mattered. But it sucks to have the refs blow a call and thus, taking away a chance to win.

    Richardson's progress may be the best development all season. He can be a star next year.

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