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    Ammo for the big boomers is expensive and they aren't as comfortable to shoot, but with those considerations aside, I've never understood the opposition to using too much gun. I've never seen an animal fail to die because the bullet that hit it was too big. It is a much better problem to have than erring on the other side, IMO.
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    Well, I use a .30-06 as my deer gun 99% of the time. I've never had to shoot over 180 yards with it where I go. I'm not opposed to it at all, I'm trying to justify letting it sit for the past two seasons in my head. I've killed 5 or 6 deer with the .338 and my dad killed several with it too.

    I'm looking to get a 7mm-08, or something like that, for the little guy that's on the way. Any suggestions on a light kicking yet deer killing gun?
  3. cotton

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    I bought a .25-06 for pretty much the same purpose. I haven't used a 7-08, but from what I know, it should serve the purpose very well.
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    243 or 25-06
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    Thanks all for the suggestions

    I have to see if he's going to be a righty or a lefty.

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