What are you playing during Coronapocalypse?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Indy, Mar 17, 2020.

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    Just first look, one site says:

    So, assuming valid:

    <=21 : 63.6%
    22-30 : 21%
    > 30 : 15.4%

    So, using this, we can say the median age is <=21.


    Is actually harder to find demographics on than I thought. I was trying to avoid just Classic, even though that was all I played, and play, because Classic is 20 years old, and so you'd pretty much have to be 20+ to remember playing it... but it's all I could find and Reddit did a pre-Classic survey and got a bit over 10,000 responses. I ran a pivot table on it and it looks like:

    <= 24: 28.9%
    25-34: 61.5%
    >35: 9.6%

    So, using this, we can say the median age is 25-34. The old folks like me only make up less than 10% of the population.

    And that was a massive and pointless waste of time.
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  2. Indy

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    You fell into that trap way too easily.
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    The mistake was believing you ever are interested in good faith. When it comes to figures, facts and sources, you always seem to be asking for and arguing, rather than sharing.
  5. fl0at_

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    I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't willing to do it.
  6. Indy

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    You're making quite the leap there. I'm not interested, "in good faith," in the demographics of Minecraft players vs. WoW players, so you start using words like "ever" and "always?" We're in the gaming forum, for [uck fay]'s sake.

    Float took the time out of his day to insult* me about the game I play, so I got back at him by taking advantage of his willingness to waste even more of his own time to justify his insult.** Because I knew he would do it, even though I don't care, like at all, what the differences are in demographics for the two games. And sure enough, he came through.

    *In some cases, you could read what Float said as just "busting my balls," but enough people on this site have stated that they genuinely dislike me, making it increasingly difficult to tell the difference between legitimate insults and busting balls. Not that I really care all that much, either way.
    **Funnily enough, Float's research (sort of) proved his point that the WoW player base is traditionally older than that of Minecraft, but it also made his initial insult about me playing with "tweens" look kind of dumb, since the tweens fall well below the median player age and don't really even make it into the largest demographic of 15-21 year olds.
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  8. Indy

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    Finished FF7 Remake. Meh. Didn’t even feel like a final fantasy game. Outside of the additional character development, I’m not sure I liked much of anything about it.
  9. utvol0427

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    One of the guys I used to play COD with all the time has been bugging me to pick up Modern Warfare. Bought it, started to install, almost 200 GBs of space required and there is another update coming that will require almost another 100 GBs to download and install.

  10. NorrisAlan

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    300GB for a shooter game?

    Good thing I only play chess games and wow classic. I have about 6GB of games on my pc. Oh, and Caesar 3.
  11. utvol0427

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    Yeah, sent that shit right back to Amazon. I've got the WW2 COD game that came out a couple of years ago on my PS4 right now and it's in the 60-70 GB range, not sure what they are thinking with Modern Warfare.
  12. fl0at_

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    If dude is just playing warzone, that is free. Sucker.
  13. Indy

    Indy Does not get lucky

    Warzone is something completely different than all past COD games.

    It’s honestly a blast. My group only stopped playing it because certain people just weren’t fun to play with. There are two guys in the group that I really meshed with, and we won in trios quite a bit. The problem is that the other guys wanted to play too.
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    Sounds like y'all need alt accounts.
  15. fl0at_

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    I hate everything about Warzone. Cross playing computer and console users is dumb.

    Unfortunately it is the most common game played in the squad.

    Although two of us are about to switch back to ARMA, and hopefully the rest follow.
  16. JudgmentVol

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    That's such a weird complaint.
  17. IP

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    A game with crossplay necessitates compensating for the difference in accuracy between mouse and gamepad. That means "aim assist." It changes the player decisions on movement to the point that a player with aim assist has a marked advantage in snap shooting. This encourages PC players to play area control and move less, leaning on their precision and reducing the chance of getting caught in a snap shooting situation while running around.

    JMO. If the skill curve is steep enough, the difference in precision is not as apparent- like in Rocket League, where most PC users opt for a controller anyway because the additional precision/sensitivity of a mouse is not helpful or noticeable since the time to mastery is so high either way.
  18. utvol0427

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    Speaking of Rocket League, I am Guarantano level of bad at it.
  19. JudgmentVol

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    I'm fully aware of the differences, but it's a casual BR with an elo system. Unless you're in the upper 1% of players, you're not going to be at any serious advantage/disadvantage because the average user simply just isn't good enough to abuse the advantage.

    It seems like its just searching for something to complain about considering there isn't any rank or competitive mode.
  20. fl0at_

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    The average console user abuses the advantage every time they are in the gulag, because all of the confrontations are at snap shooting distance.

    It's an aim bot, that is coded in to the game, for console users. If it didn't make a difference, nobody would have spent the time coding it in to the game. It exists because it does work. It remains because there are more console players than not.

    And I happily leave them to their game.
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