‘18 TN OL Ryan Winkel

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by bostonvol, Jan 20, 2018.


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    He’s got the size. Will Friend can coach him up. And it sets us up nicely for his high rated teammate in 2019.

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    Funny. You knock high rated players from Memphis private schools but are ecstatic about low rated players from Memphis private schools.
  3. Ssmiff

    Ssmiff More fragile than Mr. Glass

    I knocked Drew Richmond. And ecstatic?
    Give me a break and go freak out about something insignificant.

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    Sounds like you like this kid because he’s white...“country boy mean.” Yet he plays the same competition Drew Richmond did and has nowhere near the offer list or ranking. It’s called being consistent. You don’t want private school Memphis players unless they’re white and lowly rated?

    You specifically said you would rather have a 3 star from IMG rather than a 5 star from a Memphis private school. So Ryan Winkel must really suck right? I mean he’s a 2 or 3 star from a Memphis private school. He obviously didn’t stand out against low level competition.

    I want the kid and trust the staffs evaluations, but you are all over the place with your logic.
  5. Ssmiff

    Ssmiff More fragile than Mr. Glass

    Thank you for doing as directed.
    Yes, I hate black players. All of them. Especially country boy Trey Smith. Has nothing to do with me knowing Drews coaches and talking about how soft he was 3 years ago.

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    Your statement in the Kingston Harris thread was I would rather have 3 stars from IMG than 5 stars from Memphis. So why do you like this kid, being a 2 or 3 star playing in a private school league in Memphis? Your whole point was the level of competition and Kingston Harris probably didn’t stand out because his competition was so good. So why do you want a kid who didn’t stand out against Memphis private schools?
  7. Ssmiff

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    I would rather have an IMG kid than this kid as well.
    He looks huge and like he knows what he's doing. I've posted that 3 times. If we have better options at IMG, take them instead.
  8. zehr27

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    We only take this kid if we miss on the Rice transfer. imo
  9. 615 Vol

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    Bill Norton? Sounds like a badass from the 1984 squad.
  10. Ssmiff

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    and I didn't say anything about this kid being a good ole country kid. I said I was ready for a few. The ones with mean streaks you don't have to beg to get out of them.
  11. A-Smith

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    I'll just say that I think O-Line, more than any other position, is where bleeding orange might actually have just a tiny little bit of meaning (still need to be over 6 foot 2 and 290 pounds of course).
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  12. Volgrad98

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    I'd take walkons like the Sullins twins over some of the softies we've had playing line in the past years.
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  13. Volst53

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    I’m not going to shit on the OL here till they’ve actually been coached.

    Hard to blame them for a lot of the issues with the coaches that were over them.

    IZ without reading or blocking the EMLOS was a coaching issue
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  14. bigpapavol

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    Was really a stupidity issue. Dumbest looking stuff I’ve seen.
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  15. Ssmiff

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    so for this fall, who we got? Trey looks good. I like him at guard. you guys see him at tackle or guard? Locklear looked ok for a young guy. my neighbor Johnson did ok but has to get stronger. Afraid Hall isn't going to be able to play. Tatum looked better when he had to play as a light freshman and still needs weight. Not sure if neuhaus played. Brooks needs work. Hope Friend can get Calbert playing and maybe Richmond is older and seeing some things differently now and with better coaching can be what we need.
    Goodness looking at that, we need a grad transfer pretty badly. I guess Johnson will continue to play center. and is Kendrick done?
  16. GoVols2003

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    Winkel picked up the Arkansas and Miss State offers right at the early signing period when they realized UT was getting the JUCO lineman.
  17. kptvol

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    Kendrick is out of eligibility. Think he’s 37.

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    Kendrick doesn’t remember how old he is.

    The grad transfer from Rice visited this past weekend. 6’5 300 pound tackle.
  19. Volgrad98

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    Good point.
  20. 615 Vol

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    A reoccurring theme under Butch Jones

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