“X Cast” on Basilio 12/12/19

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    This was recorded six (6) days before ESD. If I know / they say position / state / rank

    The highlights, in no particular order.

    Tate Ratledge OL
    This was recorded before Tate shut down his recruitment. X says that if he doesn’t sign with UGA on Wednesday, that he will either go to UT or Clemson. He told Pittman flat-out “No” on following him to Arkansas, as it’s simply too far. He and his family are all-Vol, and had the program not tanked under Butch, he’d already be in TN’s class.

    Coach Luke Former Ole Miss HC / UGA OL
    X believes that Kirby’s hiring Luke as OL coach was a panic move. Luke is an unknown as OL coach and likely wants to be a HC and isn’t likely to still be at UGA in a few years. Ratledge’s family is well aware of this.

    Tee Hodge RB TN (Maryville)
    Rumors that he grew up an FSU fan but never considered it so long as Taggart was the coach. Rumors that he is close to Norvell, the new coach, and now may wait until February to sign, so as to give them a chance to sway him. He wants to play RB and UT will give him that chance, and FSU may not, but it’s suddenly one to keep an eye on.

    Art Green & Butler(?)
    Tennessee cut ties with him last week.

    TN Strong Finish
    TN’s strong finish allowed them to get in with better guys, and TN gave them a chance to find a spot elsewhere. This is also why some who were scheduled to come to this weekend’s final OV before ESD and are no longer coming.

    Desmond Tyndall GA LB
    No longer coming this weekend, assumedly, because TN has moved on.

    Desmond Appikah(?) DB JUCO
    No longer visiting this week. Ansley actually attended the JUCO championship, where his team played Art Green’s.

    Ramone Henderson CA
    No longer coming this weekend. Top target of Tee has told TN he’s going to Notre Dame.

    Greeneville Long Snapper & “Williamson kid”
    Expects both to still be part of the class somehow, but may not sign on Wednesday.

    Mordecai McDaniel DC
    Really waivering on his committment to TN. Believes the kid will likely end up at UF. TN still wants him.

    Jimmy Calloway ATH GA
    Waivering on his commitment to TN. He may still go to UK, but Florida is also trying to get in. TN still wants him.

    This Weekend’s OV
    Expecting 7-8 visitors, including some commitments. Expected to visit, although it’s very, very fluid:

    Darnell Washington 5* TE
    Very interested in TN. It will come down to TN and UGA. Visiting this weekend. X doesn’t believe we need a TE in this class, but he’s just too good to pass up. He’s signing this weekend, but won’t be announced until All-Star Game in February.

    Denico Slaughter DB
    Arizona St. commit, X believes he’s is replacement for Art Green. Track guy. Visiting this weekend.

    Via Keaho (?) LB Vegas
    At tip-top of TN’s board. Pruitt and Moose know his family, having recruited his older brother to Bama. Expected to visit this weekend.

    Donovan Coffman DL
    Vandy commit. X isn’t sure why more schools aren’t in on him. TN is interested. Expected to visit this weekend.

    Corey Wren WR LA
    Recent decommit from UGA. Very fast player. Expected this weekend.

    Major Burns New Orleans
    Decommitted from TA&M, committed to LSU, just decommitted from them. Top 10-12 player in LA. Expected this weekend.

    Tyler Baron DL TN (Knox Catholic)
    X believes he ends up at TN, but he keeps taking UK’s calls, some at UK think that they have him. He may take an unofficial to TN this weekend. He’s signing on ESD.

    Surprise Visitors This Weekend
    X wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few surprises on campus this weekend, but didn’t name any names.

    LB Need
    TN wants a couple of LB’s in this class.

    TN Recruit Profile
    X says that TN obviously prefers kids who can play multiple positions on the field.

    TN Wants Constant Improvement
    They expect to see a kid show big improvement from JR. to SR. year, and some of these kids haven’t shown that and that’s why TN has cut ties with some - including Art Green & Butler, who was a project anyway.

    Omari Thomas DL TN
    Recent TN commit, but curiously, isn’t signing on ESD, but will wait until February, instead. Auburn is still involved. TN saved it’s in-home visit just in case this gets squirrelly between now and NSD.

    I’ve jumped around a bit, but there’s still app. 3/4 of the podcast left. Will update thread with more as I listen / have time.

    You can listen to it on Tony’s app or at the following link (via browser): http://tonybasilio.com/index.php?page=tony
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    Matt Luke has been coaching OL for 20 years.
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    Thanks for posting, Tenny.
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    Tee shut down his recruiting
    Omari is signing tomorrow.
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    If that LB out of Vegas was really at the "tip-top" of our board... He committed to San Diego State.
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    And has been mediocre at it.
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    It's obvious they wanted him to so big bro would transfer here.
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    Tee is signing tomorrow. He's never once wavered. His dad is a huge FSU fan, but is as giddy as anyone that Tee is playing at UT.

    And I'll trust my sources on this one.
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    Well that seals it... FSU it is.
  10. IP

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    he's gonna drive a spear through a screaming blue tick puppy right in the center of his high school gymnasium tomorrow.
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    One of the guys that has been committed to the good reverend up at Liberty reopened his recruitment last week. Don't know if he thinks he can get bigger schools or what.
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    I like his nasty streak. I was a little surprised he was listed as a DL recruit bc he was also really good at OT.

    I will say this though... If he is the best DL prospect in 5 years, wait until the kid from Olive branch in 2 years... the one that was training with Marlon Walls... so we played both and I heard coaches saying he might already be the best player in State of MS..... gonna be a monster.... TN has offered along with LSU, Bama, and everyone...
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    I watched a little of his highlights and most of them were of him mauling people on OL.
  15. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D The law is of supreme importance, or no importance

    Tony said yesterday that the Greeneville long snapper will gray shirt, whatever that means.
  16. IP

    IP It's just business.

    I believe it means he does not count against our 25 scholarship signees, and will be paying his own way at least for this coming season.
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    He can't practice until the spring of 2021 and he's paying his own way.
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    So he cant snap for us in 2020?
  19. justingroves

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    Not if he's a grey shirt. If he's a blue shirt, he can but he counts against the 25 man limit in 2021
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    More notes after listening further.

    Note: I apologize if I repeat a kid or topic twice, but where I do, it’s just to add more detail and clarification as to what was said, particularly after the point where I originally had stopped listening. Also, that I will butcher the spelling of every recruit’s name should be expected. Be thankful if I’m even close.

    Committed Visitors for OV

    TN will have between eight (8) and twelve (12) visitors this weekend, including a minimum of four (4) committed players so as to help with recruiting:
    Smalls, Spraggins , Lawrence, Calloway & Thomas may also do a ride-along with Smalls.

    Moving Visits to this Weekend
    TN moved all official visits from last week to this weekend. X thinks that was a very smart move as it gets kids on our campus on the final weekend before ESD, but as importantly, because it’s the same weekend that other schools will have had to fill their coaching vacancies, and who could turn some recruits heads and used to talk them into waiting until NSD in February to sign.

    Corey Wren WR LA
    Very fast, small dynamic WR in the same vein as Jamari Small & Eric Gray. He decommitted from UGA, but X considers him a backup plan for TN, but could end up out of TN’s class if things fall a certain way.

    The Butler Kid DE(?)
    He has only played one (1) year of football, and has been cut loose by TN. X thinks that it’s because he was a project player who TN didn’t see improving quickly enough and that they can’t take a risk on a kid in such an important area of need.

    DeMarquision (?) Richardson LA WR
    6’2” 175lbs, really fast, pops on film. Could be a WR, but he thinks that TN is looking at him as a DB. He is probably headed to Miss. St. and X will be surprised if he visits TN this weekend.

    Zaquandry (?) White JUCO RB
    Similar to Tee Hodge and Smalls, X will be surprised if he visits.

    Omari Thomas
    Basilio said he doesn’t feel like this is a kid who would play games with TN.

    Tyler Barron DL Knox Catholic
    Tony asked if there was any reason to be concerned, and X said yes, citing that he’s still taking UK’s calls, and again, that some up there think that they have him.

    Jay Hardy DL Chattanooga
    Still taking TN’s calls and seeing our staff, but also saying he’s signing with Barn on ESD. He has told TN that he isn’t signing until February. X also thinks he’s telling Barn he’s signing with them today. If true he waits until Feb, it gives TN a great chance to sway him. X won’t be surprised by anything this kid does.

    LSU Class
    They simply can’t sign all of the kids that they have committed, and it’ll be interesting to see who ends up on the outside looking in. They, and programs like them, are going to tell kids to wait until NSD while they chase others over them, and X isn’t sure how that will sit with those recruits.

    Savell Smalls RB Washington (state)
    He is committed to Washington, and he has already said that he’s waiting until February. TN is going to do everything they can to get him on campus. He is a difference maker and TN will have to keep a spot open for him. Same thing for other kids who are waiting until February, such as Hardy and Ratledge.

    ESD is Terrible for Less Elite Schools
    Have to decide on either taking who they can get now, versus not taking them now so as to maintain a chance to land a better recruit later. Bird in the hand and two in the bush. Whereas elite schools just take the big ones they most want and waltz in and poach their choice of kids that are left - including from those who you asked to wait, believing them to be safely yours. This is exactly the conundrum that TN is in. Worse, TN and like schools are also trying to free up staff time to get out and jump on the start of the 2020 class, and while still fighting for this class.

    Lakeland FL
    TN is trying to get a foothold in Lakeland, but X believes it’s a fool’s errand, as those kids almost always stay in Florida.

    Fulmer, Pruitt & Pittman
    Tony sees a lot of similarities between these three coaches, insofar as they’re going to get their schools back to what they should be, and that they are relentless recruiters.

    Tee Hodge RB Maryville (Timestamp 43:01)
    Tony: “So, Tee Hodge and Florida State. Here’s what I heard in that community, and you (X) tell me if I’m wrong. And I wrote this in the syllabus as one of the things to ask you, uh, about today. And I wrote it in our syllabus. Will Tee Hodge end up at Florida State now that Mike Norvell is down there, and how do you answer that? Because, and the reason I ask you this, is my understanding from people in the community is that he grew up a Florida State fan, and he was not going to go down there and play with the sinking ship, he was not even going to consider them. Tee Hodge, running back out of Maryville. What do you say about that?”

    X: “Uh, I’ve heard the same thing. You know, I don’t know if, uh, they, I think they...in terms of priorities, I think that I don’t know where he is on their list. Tee Hodge wants to play running back. I think he’s got a chance to be a pretty decent running back. I don’t know if he will get that chance if he went to Florida State, but Tennessee is going to give him that chance. Uhm, I don’t have any information. Would it surprise me if he waited to, uh, until February to sign? It wouldn’t. Who knows whether, uh, Florida State will have, see what kind of where the chips fall after signing day next week and they kind of recalibrate and see if they want him to take a visit down there, and if he wants. I don’t know. It wouldn’t surprise me. Do I think he’s the kid of back that they would be after? When he got healthy, he was a really good back.”

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