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  1. cotton

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    Litjenhouse in '67. Roughly the equivalent of kidbourbons computer simulations if what would have happened if we had played someone other than the teams we played. Sagarin has more reliability, and im pretty sure his poll is a joke.
  2. bostonvol

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    Tennessee officially claims’67. Its embarrassing, but pretty much every major program in the country claims a title or two that they have no business claiming.
  3. cotton

    cotton Stand-up Philosopher

    If we claim 67 it legitimizes Kentucky in 50, retroactively awarded by sagarin 50 years later.

    It ain't worth it.
  4. utvol0427

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  6. VOLinDAWGland

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    I'd be happy with 1 out of 3
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  7. InVolNerable

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    Hell, just being able to have an optimistic outlook on hitting 1 out of 3 would be an upgrade.
  8. JohnnyQuickkick

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    At this point, not being embarrassing is what I’m looking for
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  9. IP

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    oh man, you have come to the wrong place.
  10. Volokie

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    Seeing the orange win the whole enchilada in 98 has got me through 20 seasons of ridiculous to mediocre...but I gotta admit we're past due as a fanbase for any encores.
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  11. ptclaus98

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    I remember the furor around 98, but my first actual memory of watching Tennessee football was 2000. So I haven't ever taken in an SEC Championship. 12 year old me cried in my bed on 12/8/2001. Man if that kid knew that day was the apex of what it was going to be as a Tennessee fan for the next 20 years...
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