2004 Notre Dame Game

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by kptvol, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. kptvol

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    Heard Erik Ainge say on the radio that the debacle at the end of the half was mainly his fault. Fulmer and Sanders wanted to go for it, but Randy instructed Ainge that he must take every snap under center, worrying about a bad snap leading to a defensive TD. Ainge went into the shotgun anyway. Bad snap. Broken collarbone.

    I'd never heard that and thought it was interesting. Iwasnt thrilled we tried that with the lead against a team boasting a good D with no offense, but had no idea Ainge's freewheeling was what caused the biggest problem.
  2. TennTradition

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    Wow. That's pretty big of Ainge to admit it, honestly.

    You have to wonder how often things like this happen. Kind of like Bray and his free-wheeling in the Vandy (I believe) game before half-time.
  3. tidwell

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    Yeah, but was he high at the time?
  4. joevol320

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    if al wilson played high, i would hate to see how mean that dude was when he was in right state of mind.
  5. I agree it was big of Ainge to admit that, but Munoz couldn't block Justin Tuck that day regardless where EA took the snap.
  6. Beechervol

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    I was sitting on that end of the field when it happened. Couldnt imagine something so silly that flips a game up on its head.
  7. kptvol

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    Munoz probably held more than any lineman in UT history.

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