2012 Commits

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by justingroves, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    FL Nathan Peterman

    OH Alden Hill
    GA Quenshaun Watson

    GA Jason Croom
    GA Keithon Redding
    TN Drae Bowles
    FL Alton "Pig" Howard

    None yet

    FL Trent Taylor
    OH LaTroy Lewis

    JUCO Damien Jacobs
    MI Danny O'Brien

    LA Otha Peters
    GA Khalid Henderson
    GA Justin King (probably winds up at OLB)

    TX Dalton Santos

    TX LaDarell McNeil
    TN Cody Blanc (probably winds up here)

    DC Kenneth Crawley

    TN George Bullock

    Let me know if I missed any
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  2. NYY

    NYY Super Moderator

    I don't follow recruiting that much. What's the summary on the Peterman kid?
  3. lylsmorr

    lylsmorr Super Moderator

    #1 ranked QB in the talent laden state of Florida
  4. NYY

    NYY Super Moderator

    Good deal. Thanks.

    VOLFREAK11 New Member

    OP will end up being the best player from this class, jmo.

    XXROCKYTOPXX Chieftain

    I think he'll be good too but I like D. Obrien and L. McNeil personally.
  7. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    McNeil and Crawley have a chance to start from day one
  8. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    They are starting to really talk up the Peters kid.
  9. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    He's a stud that will be a special teams ace his freshman year
  10. Snakeonia

    Snakeonia Active Member

    so is this a solid class so far, or is it lacking talent
  11. lylsmorr

    lylsmorr Super Moderator

    I think it's solid. We can cut some one or two if we need to make room for the upper echelon players if they want to commit.
  12. Volnbama

    Volnbama Contributor

    which players would be asked to leave? I'm assuming Blanc and maybe Lewis?
  13. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    The kicker and Blanc could be greyshirted with ease imo.
  14. chavisut

    chavisut Dan Mullen Fan Club President

    Need an OL.
  15. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    I'm a firm believer in taking, at minimum, 3 a year.
  16. chavisut

    chavisut Dan Mullen Fan Club President

    I agree. If you read the Jelks thread on toos we don't need any though.
  17. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    It's best to wait until almost your entire line is seniors. That way the next year you can start 4-5 freshmen and they can all grow together. It's been working awesome for us.
  18. lylsmorr

    lylsmorr Super Moderator

    After the last few years of OL recruiting I am paranoid if we don't take at least 2 a year. Look at what it brought our O-Line play down to.
  19. Volnbama

    Volnbama Contributor

    I really like Crawley. He has great ball skills and really good size
  20. Volnbama

    Volnbama Contributor

    The Devrin thing worked out but Blanc just doesn't look like an SEC player to me. You'd think we could fill that spot with an OL

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