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    I mean, compared to the last decade, this is the most stable that the program has been. The jury is still out on whether Pruitt can be successful here, but there are no obvious signs that he will need to be replaced soon like there were early on with Dooley and Butch.
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    Do what now? First two years:

    Dooley: 12-14
    Butch: 12-13
    Pruitt: 13-12

    I don't really feel like going back through all the schedules, but Pruitt might have actually had an easier path to wins, too. Obliterated by Vanderbilt. Solidly defeated at home by Georgia State. 2 absolute shitshows against Florida. Some major recruiting screwups. A decent amount of staff turnover. The signs are most certainly there. We have to hope that some sort of corner was permanently turned midseason of 2019, or we'll be searching again in the not too distant future.
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    I don't know what Pruitt will ultimately accomplish here, but it certainly doesn't seem like any point in dooley's tenure, despite the W-L record. Butch had some positive momentum but we pretty much knew it was a house of cards.
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    This couldn't be said any better.
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    Those 3 coaches did not start with identical rosters.
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    Phil really likes baseball, so that helps, too
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    Pruitt has more SEC wins than Butch through two years, he's got two sec west wins, Butch had zero and he's not losing 30% of each recruiting class.

    He's not employing two guys Mark Richt fired, either.
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    Yep. We still have a ton of questions about Pruitt, but we know that he understands how to coach football and shows some willingness to adjust. That's two things that neither butch nor Dooley had.
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    Currently leading a game 28-2 going into the 8th.

    Sweet Jesus.
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