2021 RB Jaylen Wright

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by kptvol, May 4, 2020.

  1. kptvol

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    Interesting prospect. Only a three star and doesn’t have an awesome offer list. But... About 6 feet tall. Still pretty skinny, but looks like he’s hard to bring down. He’s a track guy, too, so hopefully pretty fast. Hoping some track guys could decipher these times for me.


    Here’s highlights.

  2. justingroves

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    He's never strictly focused on football, was a track guy first
  3. Memtownvol

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    His 100 m time is right on the cusp of being elite for someone in his age group. His 200 time is also on the cusp of elite for his age group. This kid is fast.
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  4. Memtownvol

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    100m time under 11 is good at his age. Last years slowest qualifying time for finals at the Junior Olympic Games in the 100m was 10.83 and the best was 10.71 for the 17-18 yr old males. They take the top 8.

    10.53 wind aided time in the 100m took Gold.

    keep in mind that these are kids that run year round and train for these events just as if they were pros for the most part. Not sure what his coaching has been like and how his training regimen is.
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  5. Memtownvol

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    200m times for the final in last year’s Junior Olympic Games for 17-18 yr old males was 21.67 for 8th and 21.08 for 1st.
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    Now that's fast.
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