2nd Annual Piano Smash (SC Weekend)

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    8th Maxim, I come to you again for Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity's 2nd Annual Piano Smash! We will again be raising money for the Joy of Music School, our local philanthropy. Joy of Music, located just north of campus, provides instruments and lessons to underprivileged children free of charge.
    This year was tough to choose a school, as our biggest rivals are out of town. I figured, though, that Tennessee fans hate 3 things: Alabama, Florida, and Steve Spurrier. For this reason we have painted Steve Spurrier's face on the garnet piano (non-working). You know what that means. You get to demolish that smarmy Steve Spurrier.
    We will be setting up on Volunteer Avenue near the new Health Center (where the Rock used to sit). Just look for the guys with a piano and sledgehammers!
    We'll have a small and a large sledgehammer.
    $1 per Swing (Small hammer)
    $2 per Swing (Large hammer)
    $20 or more, swing until you feel like stopping

    There will also be a parting gift for all those who participate!
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    creative idea.
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    I can't play Chopsticks?
  4. crusse10

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    The piano doesn't play. The strings either were already disconnected or are now so there's no recoil
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    I'm joking

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