A Bright Future

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    With all the gnashing of teeth going on with our football team it has been delightful to see the progress of our basketball team down the stretch. Without being too cliche this year has truly been a team effort. The anchors were Maymon and Golden with healthy doses of Tatum, Richardson, McRae and McBee down the stretch. And obviously we can't forget the contributions of Jarnell Stokes, who looks to be -- with some seasoning -- a dominant player in the near future.

    But this all goes back to Cuonzo Martin. I can't say enough about the transformation of this team from the Memphis game onward. It started with Florida and got better as the season progressed. And at any point early on he could have lost them. But he didn't and he implemented his vision of basketball in a little over six months. What is most important about all of this, I think, is by the end of the season it didn't look like the program had lost any momentum at all. In short, Tennessee maintained its position near the top of the league, and looks to be there for a very long time. GBO.

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