Addressing SEC scholly limits

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by Lexvol, Jan 12, 2012.

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    I'm done trying to justify hiring/retaining a coach based on the proximity to signing day. However, the 25 yearly scholly limit clearly presents another obstacle for teams that are trying to catch Bama and LSU right now. I'm not making excuses. One could easily argue that Bama is going to get their share regardless. I'm just saying it makes it much harder to return to prominence in less than two to three years. How long will it be before we scrap the bullshit?
  2. Volst53

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    Juco recruiting is what brought the limits. You sign 4 guys you never plan on bringing to campus, and then you sign and place them for a high ranking juco player.
  3. dknash

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    Terrible timing for Tennessee with Fulmer and Kiffin leaving the roster at around 65 on scholly. I don't think it matters as much for teams that are down talent-wise, but mostly for teams with massive amounts of attrition like us in the recent past (hopefully it stays in the past).
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    I don't think JUCOs had as much to do with it as you think. I think that Houston 'someone took my' Nutt signing 38 players knowing good and well they couldn't admit that many had a large part to do with that.

    However, unless the entire NCAA adopts this and not just the SEC, eventually it will go away.
  5. justingroves

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    Nutt signed and placed those guys in jucos.
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    Really do not think slive cares. And the NCAA 4 or 1 yr scholly renewal to curb oversigning is a joke.
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    Let's be all for the student athletes---by limiting how many athletes are allowed to become students! Brilliant.

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