Article: Dooley's FIRED If (When) Wilcox Bolts to UCLA

Discussion in 'vBCms Comments' started by Tenacious D, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Tenacious D

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  2. SmokeyVol.

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    Great read! I think you are pretty much dead-on with your article. Nothing about Dooley can make me dislike the guy, but losing your players/coaches respect is a slow painful death. I honestly would not be surprised, at all, to see a change after signing day. The possibility of a top 15 class after this season would be HUGE for this team's depth. Also, I do not know the answer for the coach that should be hired... If Hart lands a coach that can turn this ship around and hit the ground running (meaning winning the games he should and being competitive in all games), Knoxville fans will rename Cumberland Ave, the new Henley street bridge and their firstborn after him.Once again great read and site.
  3. Vol by Birth

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    Damn it, I want to say that you’re an idiot / stupid / rumor monger / attention-whore. Unfortunatly I cant really argue with anything you said and I agree with most of it. Nice Article.
  4. droski

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    i refuse to believe peterson is stupid enough to take the ucla job.
  5. tennesseevolman

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    The question is, when do we abandon stability in recruiting and maintaining our current roster with hiring a winning coach. How will our recruiting be with another losing season next year? I think we should send the joker packing a week and a half ago. Great article.

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