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    Random notes:

    Overall, while this isn’t the all-star studded class that Pruitt had originally envisioned before the season, he recalled a previous podcast before the Miss. St. game, when Tennessee’s chances at signing many (most?) of these kids was as equally unlikely as Pruitt and staff’s still being employed as of today / ESD.

    All agreed with our own Pilot Flying J in believing that while this isn’t a star-studded class, the likes of which Bama / UGA / UF got, that it is absolutely a “foundational class” and one which really starts to separate TN from the middle / lower tier teams. This class is the true beginning of TN putting KY / Mizzou / Vandy USC back where they belong.

    Pruitt Tenacity
    If anyone needed proof of Pruitt’s tenacity in recruiting, they need look no further than Jay Hardy. Pruitt never gave up on that guy, even after he twice told Pruitt he was coming to TN, and before his surprise commitment to Auburn.

    Jay Hardy
    Hardy might still sign with [uck fay] Auburn, but it’s a huge win for TN that he is waiting until February.

    Joseph Lakeland FL
    X was “amazed” that we pulled Joseph out of Lakeland, FL, and never believed that he’d actually pull the trigger for TN. Can’t recall the last recruit that anyone pulled out of there when any of the three FL schools also wanted him.

    Calloway WR
    TN beat out a ton of people for Calloway, and fended off a lot of intense heat from multiple programs to land him.

    Washington 5* TE
    Thinks that we have a good chance - “50.5%” - of landing Washington. UGA is livid that he didn’t sign yesterday, and thought that he was a “slam dunk” for them, and is accusing TN of cheating in his recruitment. In turn, TN is accusing UGA of cheating just the same. It’s a “victory” that he didn’t sign with UGA, Bama or Miami (who are each and also involved) yesterday. Personal aside: Man, does it feel great to be accused of cheating, again.

    Bailey 4* QB
    Bailey is TN’s franchise QB in this class, and which we don’t now have on our roster. He has to be able to play right away, and they hope that he’s given a legitimate opportunity to win the starting job next season. Cinco doesn’t believe that he is a once-in-a-generational QB, and is more like Fromm than Manning and/or Bray in arm and IQ. Cinco believes that he is a smart kid who has an above-average arm and who has a chance to play QB in the NFL. X thinks that he will be better than JG because he won’t struggle so mightily to quickly identify the defense and to get us into the correct play.

    Omari Thomas
    Omari Thomas is not only a huge get, but a big turnaround from just a few months ago, when it looked like TN was going to lose him.

    Holliday QB 4.38 speed
    The Holliday kid - QB, who we flipped from TCU and fought off FSU - will be an early enrollee, and X is interested to see what Chaney can do with him between now and next season. X believes that he is most likely going to end up as a slot receiver here, but that he isn’t just an athlete playing QB, and can throw it, but needs work on his motion. He sees him as possibly being a sort of wildcat back like Jennings, but with Lynn Bowden-like speed.

    Team Speed
    TN has a huge need to upgrade in top-end speed and Holliday, Calloway, Jaylen Hyatt & Keyshawn Lawrence each provide tons of that.

    Memphis Mafia
    All three kids from Memphis signed, and that shouldn’t be overlooked or taken for granted. Huge gets for Pruitt and at positions of need.

    Keyshawn Lawrence
    Tony says that our staff loves this kid’s ability, but raves that he “oozes leadership”. Says that this staff values kids like that and those who win championships. Cinco thinks he’s a cover safety, and goes right in-line with Pruitt’s building a defensive roster that is designed to stop the run.

    Leneth Whitehead
    He wants to play RB here, and TN will give him that chance. X thinks that he’s probably the best athlete in this class, and a guy who will also participate in track at TN. He has an NFL body as a LB. He doesn’t think that UGA even looked at or gave him much of an evaluation at all. X has some question about him because he was so much better than his competition in HS. Cinco does not believe that he is a legit Top 100 player, or an SEC-caliber RB.

    Grimes #1 Recruit in TN & DL
    His life is about to be turned upside down by everyone trying to sign him in the next 6 weeks. Some say he can’t play. X would have preferred we pursued Grimes over the “overweight TX player”. While some on TN’s staff like his skill set, others really don’t, but overall, it sure sounds like TN simply isn’t interested in this kid, right or wrong.

    I stopped at the one hour mark, but will post more as I listen and have time.

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  2. Ssmiff

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    Grimes and Tx kid dont play the same position..
  3. Power_T16

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    Thanks for posting.

    I think Lawrence becomes a first rounder under Ansley and Pruitt. Pretty sure Washington signed w/ UGA yesterday, we're just not going to leak it. Grimes is trash in game. Team speed point is probably the best part of this class.

    Overall, very good class, especially considering the start to the season. Pruitt still needs to cut some dead weight and hire some more recruiters to land some true difference makers. And overall become more organized in recruiting in general. But pretty impressive close by the staff.
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  4. JT5

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    I don’t see how a player delaying his signing is a “huge win” for us if said player ultimately doesn’t sign with us.
  5. justingroves

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    In the moment it's a huge win, but yeah it doesn't matter if he doesn't sign here
  6. IP

    IP It's just business.

    if washington signed with UGA, but they are accusing us of cheating as part of a ruse to make it seem like he is still out there until he announces, the conference ought to punish them. that'd be slander.

    XXROCKYTOPXX Chieftain

    I’m interested to see how the web position unfolds. JG, Maurer, Shrout, Hill, Bailey all battling? Not sure what to think about Kasim Hill tbh.
  8. justingroves

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    Hill has two bad knees.
  9. Ssmiff

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    I cant deal with JGs stuff again.
    Happy for him to step up and hope he leaves on a high note, but we need to move on for the future. Next year will be similar record.
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    I thought Washington did sign...
  11. IP

    IP It's just business.

    there are rumors that he super secret signed. but some say at UT, some at UGA. also the reported status is that he didn't sign.

    I have no idea.
  12. kptvol

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    It would be fun to livestream you faxing your letter of intent into Florida, or wherever, only to reveal that the fax machine you appear to be using is actually a shredder.
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    XXROCKYTOPXX Chieftain

    Where/how does he fit in is what I'm curious about.
  14. justingroves

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    As a student coach and eventual grad assistant, most likely.
  15. SetVol13

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    Also a good emergency option in case all hell breaks lose in the QB room, which is certainly possible.
  16. justingroves

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    And he's a hell of an in at those Maryland high schools that are full of talent
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    I hear it was a super duper duper secret signing.
  18. UTVolinExile

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    Washington has publicly said he signed but will not announce destination until the all-star game on January 2.
  19. TBSVOL

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    You guys know a hell of a lot more about this kid than I do, but when I see this, he comes across very self centered and thinks he's bigger than the team. Unless he's the greatest high school recruit since sliced bread, is he going to be that big of a difference maker if we get him?
  20. chavisut

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    Because he wants to announce at All Star game?

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