Blackburn on the Erik Ainge Show today

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by BigOrangeBeech, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Originally posted by:snapcracklepop

    "Key Comments:

    He gave credit to those before him at utc for success.

    Structure defines function. People must be held accountable with care and passion. People bought in and they all dug in and workd hard.

    Ainge asks why UT guy is needed at UTK.
    DB responds, Every school has an identity. UT is one of those like just like bama. UT wants someone that understands what came before them. It brings cohesion. It can be back to a national power in a lot of things. We don't just want to be competent. We want to be excellent. UT can be a National Power at not just 2 or 3 sports but many sports. If u do this job with those who love the place it helps a lot.

    Have you talk to Fulmer?

    Yes we have talked a lot. I was with him a week ago but we haven't talked much. I think highly of cpf. We worked together there for so long. Very thankful for time with cpf.

    It's very important to be successful at sports. We want sports to be a great ambassador for the school. Sports get marketed the most. We must collaborative not against each other..

    I don't hide from the word winning. How do you act and behave is winning. Players are competing in classroom too.

    EA asks how bad do you want the UT AD job...
    DB responds: I want to first say how grateful I am for UT. I lived on lake Loudon Blvd for 26 years. If asked to interview, I would love to. It would mean the world to me. But I want everyone to know how great UTC has been to me."
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    To clarify, I Didn't hear the actual interview so no idea if the above is 100% accurate.
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    "We don't just want to be competent. We want to be excellent."

    Excellent would be a dream. Competent would be nice for a change.
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    The people I know that know Blackburn seem to thi k there is little chance it happens.
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    He more or less is screaming that he wants the job. Hes an excellent choice for AD.

    Makes perfect sense that there's little chance it happens with this Admin
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    Did anyone actually hear the interview?

    I ask bc VQ has a multi-page thread discussing how awkward he sounded in the interview. Most comments were that he fumbled around on the Fulmer question.
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    Bill and Ted agree
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    Fulmer acolytes have stolen it, DB is doing what he can to re-open it.
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    What a cluster **** UT is... Here's a guy who gets it, has done the job, and we're leaning towards a washed up ex-coach that has never sat in the seat.
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    It's the easiest hire in Tennessee history
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    Should be
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    So was Gruden
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    We'll probably hire Donnie Tyndall. He's familiar with campus and has experience dealing with the NCAA. Really it's a slam dunk.
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    Screw that. I know a guy who has all of that plus AD experience. He also says "britches" and "supper."
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    Why hire the guy when we can hire the guy who hired the guy.

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