Bray: "I was kind of dumb"

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by justingroves, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. justingroves

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    Tennessee QB Tyler Bray: "Last year, I wasn't the smartest guy" - CBSSports

    We shall see how this goes. I don't want him to be scared to chuck it up and let Hunter or Rogers make a play to be honest. It was nice seeing him somewhat freelance after Ainge's robotic three step drops, Crompton looking like he had no clue he needed to complete it his guys and Simms holding on to the ball for approximately 14 seconds per snap.

    I like a QB with confidence and the balls to say "Screw it, make a play". He's got the arm to do it.
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    I agree. If Bray is putting in the time and effort to become a better football player, then look out, because we already know he has all the tools to do so, not to mention some badass wide receivers.
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    My fear is all the focus on Bray and the receivers distracts from the key issues at hand... establishing a running game and improving line play. We don't need Tyler to be Peyton Manning... we need him to be Andy Kelly or Daryl Dickey... efficient and not prone to big mistakes. Part of what makes someone like Tyler good is that you let them spread their wings a bit. But this needs to be done without sacrificing the core of how teams win football games.
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    If he limits the times he forces throws to maybe 5 times a game, he'll be okay because his arm will let him fit throws in spots most can't make. Plus, having the two WRs that he has plus a slew of talented young guys, it's okay to let them beat a CB because they can.

    Calling audibles and changing blocking assignments are the things that have been overblown by the majority of the fanbase. A guy with 8 or 9 starts isn't going to be able to do that very well, regardless of how much "work" they put in. This year, he should have the offense as close to 100% down as possible.

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