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Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by kptvol, Oct 3, 2017.

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    You're a junior running back. You came in as a five star recruit and now you're not happy. You decide you need to leave the team. You have 2 choices.

    Option A:
    Stay with the team for a few weeks, four more games until the season ends. At that point you can declare you are entering the draft. You will almost certainly be drafted and will be a millionaire in a matter of months. To get to this prize, you will need to endure four more weeks of practice with Butch Jones. You could opt to protect yourself and stay out of the bowl game and bowl practice as two other RBs in the draft will do the same.

    Option B:
    You quit immediately and decide you'll need to showcase your talents a bit more in college in order to be drafted. This will necessitate you using your redshirt season during your transfer penalty year. Then, you'll have one year to make an impact and hopefully you will still be considered a draft pick. You still might be a millionaire professional football player, but you'll be two years behind and potentially exposed to injuries that could end all of that. You also carry the stigma of being an upperclassman transfer, which could impact your attractiveness to scouts.

    Another scenario. You're a redshirt sophomore offensive lineman. You came in as a four star recruit and you're unhappy. You decide to leave. Again, 2 choices.

    Option A:
    Stay with the team for a few weeks. The coach will almost certainly be fired in a maximum of three weeks and two games. You could then decide whether or not the interim coach is worth you sticking with and you could keep your eye on who the permanent replacement will be. Things may turn out great and you could have a great one or two years of college left. You could still reach the NFL. However, you have to endure three more weeks of Butch Jones.

    Option B:
    Leave now. You'll have to waste one of your two years of eligibility due to transfer rules. That means you have one year to crack the roster and hopefully make enough of an impact to get drafted. You also just watched a 3rd year player that was far more accomplished than yourself try this midseason transfer thing and end up at the crappiest destination in all of the P5 conferences.

    Jalen Hurd and Venzell Boulware both chose option B. Things are super, super crappy over there. Jones needs to be gone ASAP.
  2. NorrisAlan

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    When people are choosing B over A, which is obviously the 'worse' option, you know that option A is an incredibly shitty option.
  3. IP

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    It's pretty upsetting that Hurd and this dude feel that alienated. I would be mortified and embarrassed as a university to not have been able to convince to just finish the semester. Just be "unavailable" and not have to see the coaches at all if they'd like. Because this obviously isn't in their best interests
  4. dtmvol

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    Every time I watch the "energy vampires" tweet I think they made the right move.
  5. dc4utvols

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    Hurd is going to pay WR at Baylor. I think he looked at the average career of an NFL RB vs WR, was already getting pretty banged up and decided he wanted to change positions. If it was me I would have played out the season so I could have had the rushing record at UT and then petitioned to play WR with transfer as the last option.
  6. NorrisAlan

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    I am pretty sure he had been straight up lied to at least twice already, from what I have gathered on this message board.

    I doubt he was going to stick around to be lied to yet again.
  7. Volguy1971

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    Per my contact, I can confirm that he was promised that the offense would be changed post Northwestern to better suit his running style.
  8. BigOrangeBeech

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  9. kptvol

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    Don't forget starter Jack Jones and 2nd string (starter this year) J. Kongbo both quit and had to be talked into staying. Shy Tuttle and Nigel Warrior fighting. Guarantano pouting. Been reported for years that Dormady had explored leaving. Place is a mess.

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