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Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by VolDad, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Vanderbilt, UK and South Carolina's aren't too bad
  4. Vol4Life

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    I'm a traditionalist, so while it's interesting, it's not something I'd want regularly. The UT "brand" is the orange Power T, so it's not going anywhere.
    If a helmet change did occur, I'd rather see more orange... Not black.
    I'm surprised by all the other helmets on the site, that the creator didn't utilize UT's checkerboard end zone pattern all over the helmet in metallic orange and white..
  5. KingWebbsticles

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    Ours would look better if it had VOLS under it and not Tennessee. I do like this logo that never gets used anymore
    Still, I have seen better concepts than this.

    The designer of these helmets is just awful. I have actually been a fan of the oversized logos on helmet (ala Boise State) but it seems that the designer chose the most cartoon-like logo to play with.

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  6. WM

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    The white helmet reminds me of the old Bucs helmet with the winking pirate.
  7. Snakeonia

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    i like the ole davey logo. miss that logo
  8. IP

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    I like the black/orange uni.

    Don't care too much for the helmet. Don't mind the logo.

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