Curt Maggit and AJ Johnson

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  1. They started the scrimmage today at WLB and SLB. Starting freshman at LB isn't something that normally results in success in the SEC but I like the fact that it gives us some much needed size and athleticism at the LB spot. The thought of Probst and Vereen getting most of the reps as starters was scaring the shit out of me.
  2. IP

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    Folks are freaking out about the offense's performance, but the silver lining to that is obvious. Besides, isn't it typical for the defense to jump ahead of the offense early in Fall practice?
  3. justingroves

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  4. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    Coleman got a lot of work with the 1s too.

    Maggit and AJ are a whole hell of a lot better athletes than Propst and Vereen. I do not care if they're inexperienced as long as they can fly around.

    Tennessee D has been extremely slow and un-athletic the past two seasons.
  5. Hoss Diesel

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    N. Reveiz agrees.
  6. tidwell

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    Yeah, but do they want it bad enough?
  7. govols182

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    You mean, Ryan Karl and Nick Reveiz aren't fast?
  8. chavisut

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    I'm really excited about these two. Throw in Harris and I can't remember having three freshman LBers that looked the part like they do.

    I expect to see Maggit with his hand down in nickel situations a lot.
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  9. TennTradition

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    According to Hubbs, all freshmen are through the clearing house now.
  10. kptvol

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    So is Austin Johnson (white guy) playing outside or inside at this point? Seems like they moved him outside since Probst was doing well inside. But now that these freshmen are playing so well I wondered if he might head back to the middle.
  11. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    He's in the middle
  12. kptvol

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    So I'd say he's probably got the inside track to start there, with Probst as the backup.

    Is Greg King healthy?
  13. IP

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    The 2-deep Tennessee allegedly released recently had Austin Johnson in the middle backed up by Probst.
  14. justingroves

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    I doubt it. He never is.
  15. kptvol

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    Not sure what the initial injuries were, but that dude has had a lot of surgery. Way more than a 20 year old should ever have to have.
  16. justingroves

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    I know he has a knee that hasn't been right since his freshman year here.
  17. chavisut

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    According to the two deep on TOOS
    SLB- A.J. Johnson, Crump
    MLB- Austin Johnson, Propst
    WLB- Curt Maggit, Vereen

    Figure Lathers will be in there somewhere once he returns.
  18. FlowingAway.

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    Everytime I hear or read his name, I think about when he BLEW UP Ingram and McElroy simultaneously last year.

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