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    A bunch of VQ posters say he has decommitted from LSU. Is that true?
  3. The senior running back from Crowley (La.) High School, who’s rated a four-star prospect by 247Sports, said he plans to take an official visit to Tennessee on Jan. 13 and could commit to the Vols by the end of the week.

    Bourque, who’s ranked the nation’s No. 8 all-purpose back and the No. 11 prospect from the state of Louisiana in the 2012 class, said he’s scheduled to receive an in-home visit from Tennessee coach [ddiapos] and defensive backs coach Terry Joseph on Friday.

    That’s when Bourque, who also committed to Texas A&M in May before switching his pledge to LSU in June, may tell the Vols that he wants to play for them.

    “To be honest,” he said Wednesday, “nine times out of 10, that’s where I’m going to be attending.”

    The 6-foot-2, 210-pound Bourque initially suggested that he may commit to Tennessee “when I take my visit up there” next weekend before adding that it could happen “probably Friday.”

    He said he likes “everything” he has heard to this point about the Vols, although he admittedly doesn’t “really know too much about” their program beyond what he has been told by new running backs coach Jay Graham and Joseph, who’s serving as his primary recruiter for Tennessee.

    “When I was talking to the running back coach from Tennessee, he was basically telling me that they need a running back now,” Bourque said.

    Bourque, who has been timed at 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash, originally committed to Texas A&M in May before switching his pledge to LSU a little more than a month later.

    “To be honest, I don’t really know too much about it. But I met my recruiting coach (Joseph), and he kind of showed me the facilities and everything that they’re going to remodel and all that. He kind of showed me what it’s going to look like.”

    Bourque said he decommitted from LSU because the Tigers were recruiting other 2012 prospects to play running back.

    “My running back coach, Frank Wilson, he told me that I was going to be the only running back they would have recruited this year in the Class of 2012,” Bourque said. “My dad gets on all kinds of sports websites, so he sees that they’re recruiting some other backs.

    “From the way that they were telling us, one of them was going to be, like, a linebacker or something like that. And come to find out, they were recruiting them as running backs.”

    He said that’s another reason he likes the Vols.

    “A lot of other schools, the things they were telling me, I would believe them, but then I’d go on a sports website and see them saying the total opposite,” Bourque said. “From what I’m seeing, Tennessee is the only school that’s being honest with me.”

    Graham, a former running back for the Vols who left South Carolina last month to return to his alma mater, also has impressed Bourque.

    “He’s a real nice guy to be around,” Bourque said. “We sat down and had a nice, long talk.”

    He said he has continued to talk with Graham “maybe about twice a week” since his initial visit to Louisiana last month.

    Bourque, who has been timed at 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash, said LSU is now “out of the question.” But he said Miami and Nebraska also have expressed interest in him, and he has discussed the possibility of taking an official visit to Miami.

    While he has yet to use any of his official visits, he said he will “probably try to take all five.” But he said his visit to Tennessee next weekend is the only trip he currently has scheduled.

    He now seems to be focusing most of his attention on the Vols, who extended his first scholarship offer before the start of his junior season.

    “When they first offered me, they were kind of in the picture,” he said. “Then, I committed to Texas A&M, and I guess they kind of laid off thinking that I didn’t have any interest in them. But once I decommitted from Texas A&M and committed to LSU, they came back in the picture, and they kind of asked me if I was set on LSU.

    “And I told them it was a strong commitment, but they just kept coming on strong.”
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    Dooley and CTJ are or were in his home tonight.
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    Any new news on this kid?
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    All signs point to him signing with us....but it is recruiting there are no sure things. Miami would like his services as well.

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    I like this kid. I don't care for his back-and-forth decisions but at the end of the day think he would be a fantastic player. Hope we get him.
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    He could sign with us this weekend. If not, I would say he's not coming. From-Rivals
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    He committed to VOLS.
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    Just committed per-Ryan Callahan from 247
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    Great news, any other info from the visit weekend? Saw Demetrious (SP?) Wilson listed us as his favorite, is it assumed Patterson is out?
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    Patterson is not out but we would have to promise him playing time.
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    I hate promising playing time.
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    Seems like a no-go on Patterson with that other JUCO receiver really liking us.
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    Booom! Hopefully he lives up to the small amount of hype hes created.
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    I am thinking the same thing. We have probably been thinking Patterson is a no-go and decided to pursue other WR while not ruling out CP. IMO.

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