Do we get shut out against LSU?

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by TRUVOL, Oct 11, 2011.


    TRUVOL New Member

    With all our losses on offense and poole day to day will we get shut out? I think simms is gonna have to tuck the ball and run a lot cause he isn't gonna have that much time especially with our piss poor blocking. Maybe Chaney will set up some screens. I know one thing for sure LSU has a damn physical back in Ware. They could just pound the rock and wear our D out. I think we score a couple field goals.Expect alot of tipped passes.
  2. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    I'm thinking we will get a lucky break and get to start a drive inside the 30 but will only get a field goal out of it. Other than that, shutout.
  3. The Last Vol

    The Last Vol New Member

    With Simms under center, I am willing to bet we score more than 6 points in the first half like we did with Bray against Georgia.
  4. volsjustice55

    volsjustice55 New Member

    Are you serious with this post.
  5. Beechervol

    Beechervol Super Moderator

    No shutout. We will find a score or two.

    Won't we?
  6. emainvol

    emainvol Administrator

    I actually agree with the idea of this post (I think we get a first half touchdown, somehow) but not the underlying trolling message.
  7. The Last Vol

    The Last Vol New Member

    I guess Tyler Bray was trolling last Saturday. It's pathetic how everything I say is labeled as "trolling," but I keep being right.
  8. 7thgroupvolfan

    7thgroupvolfan New Member

    It's pathetic how everything you post is pretty [uck fay]ing dumb.
  9. volsjustice55

    volsjustice55 New Member

    No it shows how [uck fay]ing stupid you are and it's Tenn fans like you that make me sick. Your stupid and since I have been on this board everything I read that you wrote is stupid
  10. The Last Vol

    The Last Vol New Member

    The real world is dumb, I am just living in it. I have no idea why you get all emotional about someone's posts.
  11. The Last Vol

    The Last Vol New Member

    I think you meant "You're stupid." I would quit throwing rocks from that glass house, if I were you. Someone is liable to throw back. The next worthwhile post you have will be your first.

    Hope you feel better.
  12. volsjustice55

    volsjustice55 New Member

    Is that all you got. You call yourself a Tennessee fan and you get on here and talk bad about Dooley and bray. Then you say that Simms is a better qb. You were probably one of the fat Phil fags that never wanted him to leave. Your a joke and to call yourself a vols fan is a joke.
  13. Refugee

    Refugee New Member

    Last Vol, your act was better the first time I read it. Back when Gibbs wrote it on VN. At least be an original troll.
  14. The Last Vol

    The Last Vol New Member

    Your grammar and punctuation is atrocious. Stay in school.

    Fulmer was fired for failing to win at a high level any more. How has that changed? He was also fired a year removed from making the SEC championship game. Let me know when Dooley can make that claim. Hell, let me know when Dooley has a winning season here.

    Keep calling me names. It only demonstrates how juvenile and intellectually bankrupt you are.
  15. The Last Vol

    The Last Vol New Member

    I never posted at any place called "VN." I only rarely browsed over there.

    Again, tell me how I am being a troll. I have my opinions, and reason them in my posts. All I get is drive-by name calling.
  16. KingWebbsticles

    KingWebbsticles Chieftain

    From backing into the SEC championship game, you mean?
  17. The Last Vol

    The Last Vol New Member

    As I recall, we won in overtime to clinch it. Not exactly "back in."

    I just don't understand it. I say we are going to fair just as well if not better with our current starting quarterback than the one who just got injured, and I am the one accused of not being a fan.
  18. KingWebbsticles

    KingWebbsticles Chieftain

    We needed a miracle blocked kick against Kentucky to get in. Also, we needed a Vandy FG to bounce off the upright as time expired to get there.
  19. Beechervol

    Beechervol Super Moderator

    Its starting to make sense.
  20. volsjustice55

    volsjustice55 New Member

    I didn't know grammar was that important I thought we were talking about football on here. Also to your quote about the great pumpkin taking us to a sec championship game. It was a gift that we didn't earn. And your beloved coach that got a number 1 recruiting class in 05 and turned it to a middle of the road sec team. How do you explain that. We are still trying to dig out of the hole that fat Phil put us in.

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