Dooley the Micromanager

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by volfanjo, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Immediate banishment to anyone posting anything that hints at the existence of another site, or which suggests, however casually, that the Internet extends beyond this site, alone - because it [uck fay]ing doesn't.

    We're all that their is.

    I'm sure the boys at FL98 will reciprocate, just like TOS and TOOS.

    We're a squad of heavy-hitters. Theyll appreciate our taking the time to read their prose.

    No harm, no foul, bro.
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    Don't forget that he essentially threw a 4 star OL to Florida his first year here. Dude paid his own way down here for an unofficial visit because he'd always been a Vols fan. Despite notifying the staff ahead of time, nothing was prepared for him when he arrived. He basically came down here and went to a game like a normal fan. Zero recruitment done. Might as well have handed him a Tebow jersey and a plane ticket to Gainesville.

    I'm sure telling Eric Berry and a few other former Vols to get lost has really helped out the VFL program and his status with the team in general.

    Having the foresight to play a kicker under the influence of alcohol also really spoke to his preparation and organization.

    Must have really spent a lot of time getting the details right on those awesome 90mph onside kicks. Hard to believe how meticulous the preparation must have been to turn James Stone from a freshman All-American into a benchwarmer with masterful snapping accuracy.
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    What Dooley has done to former players is ludicrous. I understand wanting to know who's coming, but for God's sake, former players that are now NFL starters want to swing by and watch practice or catch a game, you welcome them with open arms.

    Dooley lets the kid from Skins on the sidelines but raises hell with Omar Gaither? How does that make sense to anyone? I'm not knocking the Skins guy at all but damn that's dumb to me.

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    I can't lie, a lot of the stuff noted in there reminds me of Saban. The difference being Saban knows what he's doing and how to win.
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    If you aren't winning, you can't afford to be pulling any of this bullshit.
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    A link to that story is now up on the News Sentinel website's front page. The local media is doing Doodles no favors.
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    As they shouldn't. Dooley has done absolutely nothing to warrant any type of favor or positive press.
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    He's universally despised.

    I can see Jimmy and John Adams giggling over all this.

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