Eliah Drinkwitz

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    I think he was rumored to come with Gruden, not Butch.
  2. Savage Orange

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    Gotcha. I couldn’t imagine Botch intentionally making a competent hire anyway...
  3. justingroves

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    He hired DeBord instead of Lincoln Riley.
  4. Tenacious D

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    I’d rather have him over Lindsey, too, but that’s not saying much.

    I like what he did as an OC at Boise in 2015 (9th in total offense), and I like that he’s 10-20th in passing yards a game this past season...but given that you have to run to win in the SEC + we are already atrocious at running the football + he not only just finished 109th in rushing this season, but in the ACC = he wouldn’t move the needle for me, at all. Particularly when I’m shopping with a $1.2M check in my pocket.

    I think I’d rather have the Streeter kid from Clemson over both Lindsey and Drinkwitz. Sight unseen - I don’t know shit about the guy, any stats on him, or anything besides he’s the OC in waiting, he’s their lead recruiter and I love that offense and see it as dynamic, productive and successful.

    But my gut says that Lindsey is getting hired - in fact, I think they’re only still waiting until after Saturday, and when he cashes in on the $100k retention bonus Barn will then owe him. I just don’t like that he’s on a failing staff, I don’t like that he’s destined to be shit-canned with Gus next year, and frankly, I don’t see where he’s accomplished anything of merit, and frankly, I’m most concerned that he’s not the best hire we could make, but just another good ol’ boy that Pruitt is comfortable, cozy and friends with, instead. I want Tennessee to hire the best possible coach at every single opportunity, and there’s usually not a lot of overlap between that group of best candidates and your own group of friends.

    I want Pruitt to hire the best and most well-proven guy he can land. He can go fishing with his buddies.
  5. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    You run for 150 yards and get 275 to 300 through the air on average, you're scoring a lot of points.

    You average 4 to 5 yards a carry, you can when you want to.

    Ryan Finley is an NFL qb, letting him throw it around wins you games
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  6. DC Vol

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    I posted this in another thread, thought it'd fit in well here also.

    Drinkwitz's numbers at NC State look good until you realize that, outside of Clemson, the ACC defense are complete trash. Here are the national rankings of the P5 teams that NCSU played, except Clemson:

    BC - 72nd overall defense
    Syracuse - 90th
    Florida State - 80th
    Wake Forest - 116th
    Louisville - 122nd
    North Carolina - 107th

    The one good defense they played, Clemson, completely shut them down to the tune of less than 300 yards and 7 points. That's about average for how UT looked against top defenses, except for Kentucky.

    Our OC will be playing anywhere from 3-5 Top 30 defenses every year (we played 4 this year) so if you can't do it with a much softer schedule, you probably can't do it here.
  7. lylsmorr

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    Statistically, Clemson was 2nd in both defensive efficiency categories last year and NCSU dropped 31 on them.
  8. CardinalVol

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    This is PURELY a guess, bit if OC search rolls into Monday, I wouldn't be 100% shocked to see him come back from the dead in this.
  9. Savage Orange

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    Roll search roll then, I say...
  10. rockytopblues

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    Other than hiring Freeze, my only main concern at this point is that this drags out unmercifully to a Friend and/or Osovet promotion. But that would be the Tennessee thing to do.

    NEW COACH Contributor

    Eli still alive
  12. dknash

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    All I got for this guy
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  13. govols182

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  14. warhammer

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    Says someone with no, absolutely no taste in mascots. Guess they should have been tigers or bulldogs.
  15. Beechervol

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    Pretty sure Friend has said he doesn't want the job.
  16. lylsmorr

    lylsmorr Aight Moderator

    Do what?
  17. Beechervol

    Beechervol Super Moderator


    But he has supposedly told Pruitt he's cool with just being the OL.
  18. Savage Orange

    Savage Orange Disillusional Vol fan

    I’m not sure I’d hate it if Osovet got the job. I really don’t want Lindsey if we can avoid it and it’s looking more like Freeze is going to Bama.
  19. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    I can’t see it. If Osovet gets the job and fails, Pruitt is done. Good or not, his resume makes him a big reach of a hire.
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  20. Savage Orange

    Savage Orange Disillusional Vol fan

    True. If he’s the shit though, we got in on the ground floor of a great duo. Who’s to say at this juncture but your point is well taken. Big risk big reward/flameout isn’t really an option right now.

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