Ex Penn State FB player suing school, accusing teammates of sexual hazing

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    The plaintiff, Isaiah Humphries, also claims he reported it to James Franklin, and not only did he do nothing, but actually punished Humphries.

    If there's any truth to this, I don't see how Franklin can keep his job or coach anywhere in college again, between this and the rape scandal at Vandy. And if these allegations are true, there would have to be major sanctions against the PSU program, if the NCAA has even a shred left of real authority.
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    Not entirely shocking, is it?
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    Several big "ifs" in this.
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    [uck fay] Penn State and [uck fay] James Franklin.
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    Surely, none of them were this stupid.
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    Seriously, the threat doesn't even make any sense. Sandusky would've totally ignored players that old.
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    How many lives does Franklin get:

    For James Franklin, the allegations of general misconduct are starting to mount. Back in August, Dr. Scott A. Lynch, a former team doctor, filed a lawsuit in Dauphin County Court, alleging Franklin of using his influence to force decisions on whether or not a player was healthy enough to get back on the field.
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    Talk about getting some distance between you and your past, he is now at Cal.
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    He can cover up and deflect with the best
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    This could not happen to a better person. [uck fay] you Franklin.
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    People wanted us to hire that guy. This may or may not be true, idk, but I feel like he’s a well-established POS. I want to win too but just not at any cost
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    I would also prefer to have a coach that doesn’t look like a penis.
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