I am much calmer and less critical of coaching today...

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by Lexvol, Oct 9, 2011.

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    Your calm now, how are you going to feel after 4 straight weeks of getting our asses handed to us?

    This team is pathetic.

    Does anyone remember Eddie Gran pulling Bryce Brown out of the Western Kentucky game becuase he ducked out of bounds after a long run? Let me refresh your memory, Eddie Gran pulled Bryce from the game, grabbed him by the facemask and yelled at him "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? THIS IS TENNESSEE! YOU NEVER GO OUT OF BOUNDS YOU PUNISH PEOPLE!"

    Eddie would be disgusted at the weak, sloppy display we put on week in and week out. We have running backs falling to the ground to avoid hits, we have return men ducking out of bounds.

    This team has no fire, no edge, no intesity. They will not beat any team worth a damn. It's time to fire our joke of a Special Teams coach and get a RB's coach in here.
  2. Lexvol

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    It was going to be two weeks regardless. I don't think SC is going to beat our brains out at home. The Arkansas game was not likely winnable on the road this year either.

    Who the [uck fay] on this site thought this was really an eight win team before the season started?
  3. fl0at_

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    General belief was 8 wins was the ceiling. 7 wins was, I think, "expected."

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