i can't wait to see what DaRick does this year

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    Rogers got his mind right and not only was dominating in the one on one period with the defensive backs, the Calhoun, Ga. native toyed with them to the point that he told the cornerback what route he was running before going against them. Rogers admits part of his was trash talk, but the purpose in doing it was to get better.

    "DB's always say that in one on one's they are at a competitive disadvantage. I like to even it out," Rogers said with a smile. "I will tell you the route and lets go to work. Let's work so we both can better. I know what I have to do to get open and you know the route so you make it harder for me to get open. That way we both get better.

    "Most definitely it makes me better. Because if they know where your going then you got to work that much harder to get where you need to get. It's a little bit of trash talk. I love to mess with the DB's, but overall it makes you better and that's why I do it."

    - VQ
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    Seems to have all the tools.

    Just hope he doesn't plan to share his routes with opposing DBs this fall.
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    He will once we've established a four touchdown lead on Florida.
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    He'll accidentally yell the first play against Montana at his opposing corner. Book it.
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    And people thought Kelly Washington was an asshole for doing this.
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    Washington was dominant. He was an arrogant [Penis], but damn he was AWESOME!!
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    I am cool with this
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