Joyful day for Marine's widow at Texans game

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    Sara's husband, Scott, was a Marine. Five years ago, they had a son, Landon. Three months ago, they celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. Four weeks ago, Scott died as a result of injuries sustained in combat in Iraq. He was 35. Since then, Sara and Landon tuck themselves into the same bed. They live in a single room in her parents' house.

    Scott loved football. When he was laid into his casket, underneath his military dress blues was his Andre Johnson jersey, a different kind of dress blue. He would have been wearing it Sunday, when the Texans lost to the Carolina Panthers at Reliant Stadium. He would have loved to have seen the Texans last week, when they finally made the playoffs. So when Sara was contacted about coming to the game Sunday, it made perfect sense. Landon never had been to an NFL game before. She thought he'd like that. His father sure had.

    The idea, she was told, was that they'd get to go to the game and, at halftime, their family would be recognized on the big video screen and Landon would get some Christmas presents. There was a bike and a gift basket up there. A lady asked Landon if he knew whom the bike was for.

    "No," he said. "Who?"

    That was going to be the big surprise for Landon, and it was a nice moment for Sara, too. When the group that organized the outing told her husband's story over the loudspeakers, the crowd roared in appreciation. Military service always seems to hit a nerve with football crowds. Sara's lip quivered.

    "Scott never missed a day without his Texans jersey," Sara said. "The day he passed was actually the bye week. He is wearing an Andre Johnson jersey beneath his dress blues, so he will never miss a Texans game without his jersey. I was thrilled to get to come and bring Landon."

    But there was something else.

    They then told Sara she would be getting a new, custom-built, mortgage-free house in Alvin, a Houston suburb. Since construction hasn't started, Sara will have some input in the design. The idea is to have Sara and Landon moved in by May.

    Joyful day for Marine's widow at Texans game
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    That is nice.
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    Wonderful story to read first thing this morning. Stories like these give me a glimmer of hope with humanity.

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    Awesome story

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